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... Anyone know if you can take flexeril with ambien? ... (0 replies)
... Does anyone know or experienced any interactions with Flexeril and Klor-con ( a precription med for low potassium) ???? (2 replies)
... Anyone? I would like to take Luvox and Indocin (indomethacin) off that list, but I still need help with these two: - Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) - Provigil (modafinil) After reading this forum for a while, I found which site people use to check interactions and it returned the following interaction between those two (but I still don't have a clue what that means to me):... (2 replies)

... Someone please help me with these four drugs (the reason for the low doses is because I'm sensitive to medication): Luvox is for depression - 25mg dose is to be taken at bedtime (just started this the other day) Flexeril is for muscle relaxation/spasms - one 10mg pill taken whenever needed for spasms, usually at bedtime, in order to relax my stiff back due to ongoing low... (2 replies)
... Hi, This is my first post here. But, I have had rather severe reactions to Flexeril. It caused Edema all over. ( mostly pitting in my ankles feet and legs) The swelling was severe enough that they ordered heart tests on me! ( I'm only 32) All the doctors I have seen said they have never see a reaction like this, but through the process of elimination that was the only... (1 replies)
... Hi I usually post on the depression board, but I was wondering if anyone has had negative side effects or other interactions with the use of Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine)? I'm on a number of other medications too including Prozac. Thanks k (1 replies)
... I must be quite resistant to CNS depressants because they don't make me tired when I take them all together unless it's bedtime and I am taking my bigger dose of Flexeril with everything else. ... (0 replies)
... I presume you mean Flexeril and Soma. They are two completely different drugs, but both are considered skeletal muscle relaxants. ... (1 replies)
... Hello Miranda3294,I myyself would never quit meds prescribed by my Doctor b4 talking with him.I am sure he knows what you r taking,i mean didn't he ask or didnt u turn it or did he prescibe the muscle relaxers?I also take morphine sulfate Er and Somas,They do not hurt me,but I do not take as many but i am prescribed also oxycodone and methadone,Somas are much stronger i think... (1 replies)
What should i do?!
Aug 24, 2013
... im 19 and just took my first pill of morphine sulfate Er (brand Ms contin Cr) 30mg extended release tablets,and i read in the medication papers that additional monitoring of your condition is recommended if you take muscle relaxers (and i do occasionally,i take flexeril 10mg 1-2x day and baclofen 10mg 3x day) so i dont know what to do.i dont know if i should completely stop it... (1 replies)
... i'm on fentanyl patch...trazadone...lexapro...promethazine....cymbalta...flexeril....gabapentin....linsinopril...metformin...novolin....and novolg..and i have all kinds of additional problems besides my original chronic back pain...diabetes...neuropathy and gastroperesis....i have blurry vision...constant nauseau...confusion...etc... (0 replies)
... Thank you so much I looked it up and it said something about potassium but couldnt understand excatly waht it meant. Thanks again !:wave: (2 replies)
... Hi Snowy, In the pharmaceutical literature for both, there are no reported interactions of Flexoril taken with Klor-Con. They are safe when taken together. Your doctor will probably want to keep an eye on your potassium blood levels if you take Klor-Con for any length of time, but again, it's safe to take with Flexoril. zuzu:wave: (2 replies)
... what is a drug tracker and how do you do it? (2 replies)
... I take metfpr,for diabetes. I kinow my mom took propamp; (sp) for hbp. Why not do a drug tracker? it will tell you how each med interact with the other. Good luck. (2 replies)
... Do these mix without problems? I don't take the xanax with the vicodin and I was more concerned when I add the metformin to all these things and I think I read definitely no cough meds with Metformin. (2 replies)
... I haven't taken xanax the same time as taking percocet but I have taken clonazepam (same family of drugs as xanax) as well as flexeril (muscle relaxant) and have been fine. Since you are new to combining these meds the biggest thing to look out for is drowsiness so don't drive if you don't have to until you know how the two will affect you. If your concerned your doctor... (5 replies)
... Last year I was on 1000mg of Provigil. I also took alot of other meds. Never had an interaction. Only thing you should be careful with the Provigil is stuff like Sudafed. I think because of blood pressure. Always check anything before you take anyway. (2 replies)
... It's always best to discuss drug interactions with your pharmacists. Also, it's very difficult to know what interacts with vitamins or supplements as these products aren't regulated by the FDA, and don't go through the same research processes as other drugs. Sometimes with supplements, you really don't know what you're getting as there are no regulations. According to... (1 replies)
... I read in the pharmaceutical literature that one of the adverse reactions that has been reported with Flexeril at an incidence of less that 1 in 100 is "abnormal thinking and dreaming". ... (4 replies)

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