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... According to MedLine both drugs have basically the same side-effect profile. Weight gain is not a side-effect; in fact, the opposite seems to be the rule with SSRIs. --------------- Check with your doctor as soon as possible if any of the following side effects occur: Less common or rare Breast tenderness or enlargement; fast or irregular heartbeat; fast... (2 replies)
... Here's some info on celexa: And info on appetitie-suppressants: Below is a cut & paste on some drug-interactions from the above article. Overall, it sounds as though combining these two different compounds could be dangerous. "Tricyclic... (1 replies)
... The grapefruit thing took me by surprise too. Yes, it's very serious and well-documented clinically. I first found out about it after my child's bone marrow transplant which required immune-suppressant therapy. The product insert had a BOLD CAPS warning about grapefruit, the CYP450 3A4-mediated first-pass liver metabolic pathway, etc. Just did a search on grapefruit on... (9 replies)

... The recommended daily dosage of Aspirin for its preventative/protective effect is less than 100mg a day; this is the equivalent of one baby aspirin a day. Tylenol is a completely different type of molecule. So far there is no medical rationale for taking this drug on a daily/preventative basis. In fact, it is generally recommended that you NOT take it for more than 10... (4 replies)
... I've always wondered the same myself and have been hesitant to ask my gyn. It seems to create higher tar residue than cigarette smoking which can't be good. Plus I read this report by CNN which is a little scary Plus I found this statement on this site "The New... (3 replies)
... I hate it when I take a pill and then get some weird symptom, like I don't know if it's a side effect or just a cold coming on. Makes me nervous too, especially at night. (typically it happens on a holiday weekend so I can't call the doc for four days:rolleyes:) Like all NSAIDs, Doan's can be hard on the stomach. Doan's isn't any more effective for back pain than any other... (1 replies)
... Polypharmacy. That's the medical term for it. It's considered polypharmacy after nine medications so you're overqualified. I take ten so I guess I'm in the club too. An article I read on polypharmacy said the possibility for side effects rise exponentially with every added medication. MedlinePlus is a good starting point search tool. (10 replies)
... The FDA just put out a warning on this drug, and others in the same family, last month. Did you have tendinitis or did it just make you feel sick to your stomach? Stomach upset and/or diarrhea are common side effects of all antibiotics. If I remember right, I took cipro years ago, my doctor cautioned... (10 replies)
... Guys not sure if this is any use to you but you may want to look at the Recovery Channel at saw it on London Tonight (2 replies)
... Hi I have cystic fibrosis therfore im on antibiotics every single day full time. I don't know whether the ones I'm about to say would be suitable but since I have taken some of the ones that you've mentioned that you have had (****o, mycins), I'll just post them anyway. There is: Colistin, azythromycin, bactrim, merepenom, timentin, imipenem and probably more but I can't think... (4 replies)
... If you are taking a glucosamine supplement that contains chondroitin sulfate, read on. MedlinePlus sponsored by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health has a link to a citation on the Arthritis Foundation's Web site: "If you are taking chondroitin sulfate in addition to a blood-thinning medication or daily... (4 replies)
... This is a Great website that will give you a Great Deal of Information you/we want to know about all the medicine in the world. ;) Really, what is great is they often link you/us to patient information pdf files AND physician information. The physician information, if you can understand it, will ultimately help you/us the most as it is not... (0 replies)
Aug 2, 2005
... JRA is the abbreviation for juveline rheumatoid arthritis. It's basically rheumatoid arthritis in children 16 years old or younger. AS is the abbreviation for ankylosing spondylitis. It's a chronic inflammation disorder primarily of the spine and it's joints. (1 replies)
Jul 30, 2005
... :confused: i was reading an article about JRA patients. i dont know what does JRA means and AS for drug interactions. here's the article: actually this is regarding drug interaction of the subcutaneous medication enbrel. (1 replies)
... Hi Kari, I used to take Inderal for rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure due to hyperthyroidism. Here is a link to webmd that will tell you more about the drug you are taking. Being that I also had a heart problem that has been corrected with surgery, I do know that drinking can be dangerous with any heart... (2 replies)
... Hi all, Yes phigment, that's me, buckets of tears with either sad stimuli, or with wonderful music or a touching scene. Megansmom, am not sure about dangerous problems other than responses we individually could have to the withdrawal symptoms. Wow! Thanks for the long and thoughtful reply CarrieLynn. You also have put a lot of thought into the "what" and... (5 replies)
Nov 19, 2003
... I think you might look at this information: Below is a list of the unapproved conditions that Neurontin was marketed to treat: The 11 illegally promoted unapproved uses for Neurontin are: *Bipolar Disorder *Pain Syndromes, Peripheral Neuropathy, and Diabetic Neuropathy *Treatment of Epilepsy alone (as monotherapy) *Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) (7 replies)
... theres a couple in there. (6 replies)
... Is it just me, or is anyone else having problems getting to the Drug Interactions Board from the main page of I have emailed the administrator and I know they're busy fixing things, but I thought perhaps there was something wrong with my system. I tried clearing cookies as the moderator postings suggests, but that didn't work. I have no... (0 replies)
Med interaction
Aug 16, 2003
... You can chech for drug interactions at this website Hope that helps (1 replies)

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