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So I had a really high fever last week, and it eventually developed into an ear infection in my left ear. I noticed my ear felt clogged, and there was loud ringing in that ear and I had slight pain. I put in some olive oil(my mom said this would help) and An hour later, I tried to sleep but when I laid on my infected ear, I would feel liquid moving thru my ear, and when I moved to my other side, I could feel the the liquid moving into my ear. It felt like a popping sound along with some pain. I was stupid and tried my own home remedies at home(put olive oil in the ear, ear drops etc) and nothing helped. I went to the doctor the next day and she told me I had some blood in my ear and it was red but she didn't see any wax. She also swiped my throat with a cotton swab and tested it for a infection and it came out positive. She eventually told me it was an middle ear infection and a throat infection and prescribed me antibiotics(amoxicillin).
Its been 2-3 days since then and I'm being careful with my ear. I don't feel a lot of pain anymore and I've only been sleeping on the side of the infected ear because I'm afraid to feel pain if I try to sleep on the other side. Right now, My ear has a loud ringing, its clogged(i can hear a little bit), and when I swallow, my ear pops but i don feel pain. When i sneeze or cough, my ear feels fine. Is this normal with an ear infection? I've only been taking my antibiotics for 2-3 days, and I've had this ear infection for almost a week now. I'm really worried I'm going to lose my hearing in that ear, please help with???

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