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Re: Tonsil Stones
Jan 5, 2004
Iíve gotten them for years now. Only recently did I discover what they were. I always thought they were puss on my tonsils. The doctor told me once when I complained of ďpussĒ, ďNo,Ē he said. ďThatís food caught there.Ē Well I wanted to prove him wrong, so when I recently got one I used a dental pick and a flashlight to guide me. I planned on piercing the ďpuss.Ē I wound up pulling it right out! What a gross chunk. I gargled with peroxide and saltwater. My throat doesnít hurt anymore and itís not red. Iíve also had many problems with sinuses and Iím currently irrigating with Beerzoids method under the allergy section on this board.
Re: Tonsil Stones
Aug 6, 2004
I am 30 and first noticed the stones when I was 19. I donít have any other symptoms expect I often feel like Iíll get a cold if I donít get crap out of my throat first thing in the morning (maybe from post nasal drip). The taste\smell of the stones also make me feel a little nauseous.

Iím wondering if the pus that sometimes comes out of the holes in my earlobe (from when they were pieced) is related. I havenít worn earrings for a long time due to them getting infected. But sometimes for no apparent reason Iíll get a lump under my ear (I think where the lymph nodes are) and eventually pus will come out of the earring hole (sorry!). This puss smells pretty bad. Iím not sure if itís the same time I get tonsil stones but this week a few tonsil stones come up and my earring holes were also a bit infected.

Iíd be interested to know if other tonsil stone sufferers with pieced ears have experienced this.

Thanks to Furious for his hilarious posts. Are you still stone free?

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