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for 8 weeks now i have had pain right below my jaw that spreads to my ear ,temple,back of neck and my shoulder.. it comes and goes it can be unbearabbly painful for 15 minutes to a 1/2 hour than a dull annoying pain, or go away for a few days...this started a few days after a mild sinus infection.. which iam still having trouble (take flonase daily)my pcp keeps chalking it up to sinuses. and wont do any testing for lack of insurance.. went to the e.r last week because the pain was really bad...they gave me ammoxicillan and vicoden for the pain( which is not helping) i have tried everyting on the market and everything the doctor has given me to no avail.. iam also hypothyroid and on stable levels of meds. iam right on track for where iam supposed to be..i was just wondering if anyone has ever dealt with something like this and what was your outcome

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