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Well I was similar except I didn't just get a chronic stuffy nose. I couldn't breather through my nose at all and I retained a sinus infection year round with bonus ear infections every other month.

I did the turbonide reduction first.. this was specifically called bilateral turboplasty. As is standard the reduced my membrane volume by approximmately 30%. This seemed to help for a bit but before the year was out it was the same ole thing all over again.

So what worked for me?
Additional Sinus and Throat Work: I had a full endoscopic procedure performed and T&A.
My passages were widened. Windows were cut in my maxillary and frontal sinuses, holes were punched through my frontal into my ethnoid sinuses.. through my ethnoid into my rear sinuses. (My husband and SIL, my brother and mother had the windows inserted it made all the difference for them.. widening the passage ways was insufficient given the quantity of snot production in our family) My rear and ethnoid sinuses were completely scraped clean of membranes never to regrow again and rinsed clear of all infection. My frontal and maxillary sinuses were reduced in membrane quantity another 30%, which ment I had ~49% of my original membrane mass. The fact that so many windows and holes were puched ment I could not be packed instead I had to wear a pad straped under my nose, was not allowed to bend over or lean forward (bloody niagra resulted from that action... the first time I went potty at home), and I had to wash my sinuses with saline solution every two hours. Over all it was annoying but the worst part was not being able to tilt my head forward.

The T&A recovery was far worse than the nose bleeding and headaches of my sinus surgery. The T&A was painful, but worth it. In my tonsils were pockets of anti-biotic resistant.. muck. I saw pictures it was gross.

So since Oct 17th when this was done.. I have been sinus problem free and healthier than I have been in a long while. Now there are no hidden crevices for gunk to linger and I CAN BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE! Ask about endoscopic window insertion and additional membrane reduction.. maybe even a tonsillectomy, if you still have some big ones. I would also bet you hav e vasomotor rhinittus not your normal allergy responses. This is an allergy to pollutants and irritants like smoke, and whatever else floats about in your local environment.

I have Vaso and allergies. Before my procedure.. it took the max daily allowed decongestant/expectorant combination, zyrtec, singular, nasonex, and saline sprays to feel even some what normal. Then if I missed a dose.. here comes the sinus infection. If the weather changed.. sinus infection. It was annoying to say the least.

Best of luck finding a solution.

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