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[I]I forgot to mention, because you seem to say the same thing, that although I have headaches still (which was one of my biggest issues), they are not as severe. it's funny, it's like there is really more room of there; it's like there is less pressure. It's hard to explain, but my sinus headaches would become migraines. I had seen a neurologist, and an ENT who had said the reason people think the have sinus issues is because of all the advertising on TV.

LOL.. if it isn't sinus related or aggravated.. why does taking a decongestant help alleviate the symptoms? I was in the same boat with the migraines.. but the ENT I have here.. says it is very common that a predisposition to migraines is aggravate by overwhelming sinus pressure, building and pressing on the optic nerve. Additional factors can aggravate it even more. In my case Hashimoto's disease of the thyroid.

[B][I]Strangely, one thing that I don't understand and hope to hear from my current ENT about soon is why my ct scan looked so good. They could tell that one of the frontal sinuses was small with a small opening and could be an issue. And the septum deviation was quite severe. But they kept saying there was no obstructions and things looked fine. [/I][/B]

:D I was told constantly that my sinuses were small but well formed.. my problem was y membranes were so inflamed 24-7 that I always had sinus pressure and an impacted sinus infection because there was no way for stuff to drain. But yes they told me my CT was nice.. no bone spurs or pollumps, or deviated septum.. just healthy very reactive turbonides.. well it took the conservative surgery of a bilateral turboplasty and another three years of 9 month out of the year in antibiotics for sinus infections.. and my ENT retiring and passing me to his younger compatriot to get the final results I needed. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea.. had nine months of chronic sinus infections.. septic tonsils and the works and my ENT look at me and said how bad do you want this to stop? I told him he could drill a hole in my head right then and there.. well it took three months to get the insurances approval. But finally everything was approved, but the UPPP (partial soft pallet uvualectomy - sleep apnea thing).

[B][I]They said that "they [B]had[/B] to do a lot in there. I am very curious about what they thought it would be like and what it was like. The ENT back in the US had told me that if my CT Scan was good, then there was no issue, because that's the best way, the cadillac of tests (I guess it all depends on your opinion of cadillacs :) ) [/I][/B]

Well each to his own opinion.. but yes.. when my second ENT went to work he said it was a lot to do because it involved roto rootering eight sinus cavities.. widening all the passages and knocking holes every where.. but HEY! Now I can breathe through my nose.. my sleep apnea is mild/moderate versus severe. And.. I haven't had a sinus infection since last October 17th.. a whole year. I have had two bouts of bronchitis and respiratory issues.. which are now blamed on my recent diagnosis of Hashimoto's. Who would have thought a thyroid could be such a pain in the neck. :)
The guy here in Canada investigated this over a long time, ie 9+ months. He said that was the first thing we needed to look into. Then when the treatment didn't give good results, he said that sinus surgery was an option.[/I][/B]

Yeah in the US you have to have six to 9 sinus infections in a year or 4 bouts of strep and some bonus sinus issues to warrant tonsil removal and sinus surgery. Degradation of the sinus cavities due to retained sinus infections is also a bonus. You should feel good that you ENT investigated your state and gave you the option.. you always have the right to refuse surgery.. but i was willing to do anything to make myself feel better. And the surgery will slow on the initial recover.. did make a big difference.

[B][I]He said the thought it would make it better, but that he wasn't totally sure and that he didn't want to make any promises. The decision was his and mine. Nothing to prove to anyone. Didn't seem clear cut to me, but I decided to go for it because I was so sick of the headaches which would appear and then as they went away would be accompanied by a lot of postnasal drip. [/I][/B]

My ENT told me I would have at least and 80% improvement in my chronic sinusitis and health. I feel more like I got a 90% return.. now if I could get my thyroid straight I might be normal again.

[B][I]I kept thinking they had to be sinus-related, I mean I observed this over a very long time, and for me, a migraine was 95% of the time, pain more often than not in the forehead and more often than not over the right eye. And then the post-nasal drip, which could last for a long time after. Anyway, I think it may have been it.

But yes.. my Endo, my optho-neuro, and my ENT all say that sinus issues can aggravate and inflame predisposed migraine conditions.. their explaination. As pressure builds in the facial area, nerves get shifted and pinched resulting in the migraine. There is more than one way to cause and inspire a migraine. The one ENT that told you otherwise was passing the buck in my opinion.

I am going to a neuro for my migraines soon.. because they effect my vision.. I literally lose my vision for hours on end it is quick too. Nothing scarier than getting this sharp pain and pressure then a blur begin to pass over your vision while driving on the interstate with your 5 year old in the back. I stick to back roads and know where to pull over and what to look for.. it scares me every time and I cry when I have to call my husband to come and get us and drive us home. I hope that I will finally get answers now my thyroid is no longer mucking me up in secret. My migraines were definitely more frequent before my surgery.. now they are only 1-3 days a month when I am transitioning between hyper and hypo thyroid states.. my optho-neurologist thinks they are hormone/thyroid induced.. my Enod thinks classic migraine.. so now I am going to be tested so I can lay the blame where it belongs.. I am betting thyroid myself. So that leaves me a 2:1 on it being thyroid. I will have to wait until December to find out on that one. But if it is the thyroid my Endo consented that she would medicate me even though my TSH is upper normal range.

Well good luck to you.. taking a decongestant and nap in a dark room always helped my sinus issues. I am certain that the pretz and ponaris nasal oil will help. You shouldn't have an issue getting them in Canada. Keep us posted.


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