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I have had a ton of problems with my throat the past couple years and had never had any before I got mono 8 years ago As I was just getting over the mono I was told I had an abscess on my left tonsil and the pain went away after taking antibiotics. I have a feeling that has something to do with what Iím going through now. I have gotten a great amount of pain on the left side of my throat at least once a month sometimes more. About 2 years ago I started getting tonsil stones on both tonsils. They're so bad it's to the point I could constantly push them out with a q-tip and they never stop. Recently, I only have them on the right tonsil (the side I neeeever get pain on). My left tonsil seems to never get them and now when it hurts and seems to be infected it pusses really bad. A month ago I noticed a big white bump just about on my hamulus and a couple days later what seemed to be a tonsil stone came out, and a couple more shortly after. It doesnít seem to be my tonsil that's constantly getting infected, from my understanding and after reading a diagram it's my soft palate. Because of this when it's infected I canít really open my mouth since it causes it to stretch. I've gone to the doctors a number of times when I get this pain and the last antibiotics they put me on was Augmentin. I've recently turned 22 and no longer have health insurance so the last time this happened I just waited it out, it took the same amount of time to go away as it did while I was taking the antibiotics (about a week) so I don't know if the antibiotic actually helped the problem. It's just started again and pussing is worse than ever. I will get a bad taste in my mouth and when I go to the mirror to check there will be a ton of white pus coming from my tonsil and also from where the white bump on my hamulus was. Seeing as how I can't go to the doctors I was hoping maybe someone might have some advice. I've gargled salt and water and it doesnít seem to help. If it might be something serious I'll figure a way out to see a doctor, I just don't know what it could be. I have a hyperthyroid which I know can cause a lot of different problems, but other than that Iím clueless and in a lot of pain!
I just read your post and I'm not sure what's wrong, but I have have 2 suggestions:
#1- You need to see a Doctor. If there's as much puss as you say, it's got to be very painful and I think you need to be treated before it gets worse b/c it probably won't go away.
#2- I recently had my tonsils and adenoids out (April2nd). Leading up to the surgery-probably the past 2 years- I had similar trouble. I had something called a "peritonsilar infection". It was EXTREMELY painful (only on 1 side) and I couldn't even open my mouth. It was like it extended into my jaw. I think "peritonsilar" means inside the tonsil? Not sure. Anyway, doc put me on 2000 mg of antibiotic to clear it up. She said that if the sntibiotics didn't work, I'd have to have my tonsils taken out. This particular time, it did clear up the infection, but I was sick again not too long after that (but not w/ the peritonsilar infection). My doc said finally that antibiotics would not treat them anymore, and they had to come out.
Hope this helps
Thanks Leslie!
I think seeing a Doctor is probably my best bet too. The pain still hasnít stopped this time and it seems to be infected from my tonsil up to the back of my molars and I can't open my mouth either. I'm in the process of moving from Ny to Ga so hopefully once I get down there I can see someone
I just realized you're from Valdosta, that's not far from where I'm moving actually. My mom lives in Leesburg so I've been to Valdosta a few times. Just thought that was kind of neat.
welcome (in advance) to south ga!!!

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