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[QUOTE=curlylo26;3874250]i've had a tonsillectomy 2 weeks ago and when i yawn, eat or talk my jaw seems to stick. it hurts a little. and i have to move my jaw to make it better. can anyone tell me if this is normal?[/QUOTE]

No this is not normal! if your jaw locks or sticks even if it only hurts a little, it can cause [U]worse[/U] symptoms later on in life that [U]WILL[/U] hurt a heck of a lot if not treated early!

[I]My jaw started to lock/dislocate when I was about 19 years old when I yawned it would happen so quickly it would go in and out and before I knew it, it was in and everything felt fine. So I shrugged it off not thinking anything about it, I thought it was like a quirk, like a double jointed thumb. But when I was 29 years old, I yawned and finally it came out, and this time I couldn't get it back in, I sat there not being able to swallow, talk and drooling on myself with my jaw dislocated. Wow did the pain ever come after that happened! my neck back and shoulder blades hurt so bad that it felt like someone took a meat mallet and beat me all over my muscles, and my teeth never seemed to fit together right after that. I had deviation of the lower jaw that deviated to the left. TMJD is known to make a person depressed boy did it ever do that to me![/I]

What we both have is [B] TMJ[/B] or known today as [B]TMD [/B]or even [B]TMJD- Temporomandibular joint disorder[/B]. The symptoms are so various as it effects people in different ways, some people don't experience any pain, just like I didn't experience pain initially, but as time goes on without treatment you may be damaging your jaw joint more then you think you are! like I did :(

Symptoms of TMD (NOTE: Not everyone gets all the symptoms!! If you answer yes to any of these symptoms chances are you have TMJD)

clicking or popping of the jaw - Possible disc displacement
Jaw gets temporarily stuck - Can result in disc displacement if not treated
Ringing of the ears
Jaw soreness on either side (Usually the side that locks/or dislocates)
Soar muscles in back neck - signs of dislocated jaw
Teeth do not line up properly (bite feels off)
Deviation of lower jaw during opening
Some people have troubles even walking
Pain in lower extremidies such as feet
Numbness in arms or legs etc
Eye problems
Difficulty hearing
Can't open mouth as far as you initially could.

Causes of TMD
1. Accidents - If you ever roll in a vehicle accident as the vehicle is moving forward your jaw goes in the direction of force, even if it doesn't get hit, which can cause symptoms of TMD later in life.
2. Surgery - where your jaw has been opened for long period of time
3. Clenching or grinding of teeth at night
4. Biting nails -DO NOT DO THIS! can make your jaw get stuck!
5. Sucking thumb when a child
6. Bottle fed as a child
7. Misaligned teeth - There is arguments about this one weather this creates TMJD or not.
8. Missing teeth
9. Terrible soar TMJ muscles! - On either side of jaw
10. TMJ muscle spasms - On sides of jaw
11. Stress

What to do.

I would recommend to go to a [B]neuromuscular[/B] dentist, not a regular dentist or doctor because they don't know anything from what I have experienced myself. The [B]neuromuscular [/B]dentist not only works with your teeth, and jaw, but with the muscles themselves to see if they are in any way in stress. Plus they have computers that detect if your jaw has went out of alignment, if you clench at night they will make a splint that is specially designed for your jaw.

[I]If you treat TMJD early you won't have to go through a whole dislocation or jaw or discs, and eventually be in all the pain that I have and still am experiencing. I went to the [B]neuromuscular[/B]r dentist and was classified as a extreme case of TMJD, I have joint deterioration and both my right and left discs are displaced, so my jaw is bone on bone. I have had a splint made for me and the pain in my body has decrease but it will be a on going battle for me, as this didn't happen over night, and it won't cure over night.[/I]

There is NO cure for TMJD, but there is things you can do that will make it so it doesn't get worse.

1. DO put your fist underneath your chin when you Yawn, everyone should do this even if they do not have TMJD.
2. DO put cold compress if it dislocates, then put WARM WET compress after or if you have jaw soreness. It has to be wet it doesn't give the same effect if it isn't. Warm compress makes it where the blood flows and relaxes the muscles.
3. DO tell your Dentist or any Surgeon that your jaw gets stuck and that you need breaks to rest your jaw muscles so you can close your mouth. Repeat this to them if they don't listen as your jaw CAN dislocate from this stress!
4. Avoid any long period of jaw opening
5. Avoid any stress as possible!
6. Avoid Clenching or grinding at night!
7. DO take yoga!
8. DO get this looked at immediately, since I cant move my jaw very good and bone is on bone, now I have a hard time eating you don't want to go through this part, I have lost 20lbs so far!

1. DO NOT get scared and hold your jaw in only one position, use your jaw like you regularly would.
2. DON'T OPEN your jaw to wide if it is uncomfortable or you experience pain with it. See a dentist as soon as possible!
3. DON'T Open your jaw to the point where your hear a click or pop! Even if it doesn't hurt, quit it!
[U]I am NOT a neuromuscular dentist I advise anyone to see a specialist and don't waste time like I did![/U][/I]

Wish you all luck on your TMJD!

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