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I gathered so much excellent advice here before my tonsillectomy that I wanted to give back by sharing my experience. I'm at day three today and will hopefully continue to update. A little background on my tonsils. They've been infected on and off my entire life, with the most bothersome symptom being lots and lots of fever which is of course very energy draining. At 6yo my parents asked an ENT if they should be removed and he told them I would grow out of it :dizzy:

When I was 18yo I had an infection that was so severe that half of my left tonsil fell off (not enough blood supply for it) and I accidentally swallowed it - yum yum :D My skin was turning yellow and I had to crawl to get anywhere - I was SO sick. They never did figure out what was wrong with me but injecting me with a long lasting oil based penicillin shot at an ER one day did the trick.

The past few years, since having my fourth baby, my tonsils have been worse than ever and my last bout lasted over 4 wks. I finally just had it and made an appointment to have them taken out (I'm 32yo). I was also starting to get nervous about my life span, imagining my future elderly immune system dealing with all this sickness. I set an appointment with my ENT the day before the surgery so I could thoroughly discuss medication options and get everything filled the day before. I was told that was unnecessary b/c I'd have time to talk to him right before the surgery but I'm glad I didn't heed that advice b/c it was all very rush rush the day of the procedure.

At the appt he told me he would be giving me liquid Lortab for pain. Be sure to ask that you be prescribed the alcohol free kind (I wasn't and it stings a bit) and that you find a pharmacy that carries it as I'm told not all do. I asked if I could get enough for at least 2 weeks but he said he wanted me to call back if I needed more (by eyeballing it it looks like maybe a five day supply so guess I'll be calling).

I asked him if he could prescribe an anti inflammatory pain med (like motrin) but he pointed out the dangers of thinning the blood and instead told me I could take my liquid pain med - Hydroco/APAP - every three hours instead of every four, which has been excellent b/c it starts to wear off at around 2 3/4 hours like clockwork.

I then asked him about liquid guaifenesin, which makes a secondary film of mucus to coat your throat and respiratory areas. He said he normally didn't prescribe it but had heard it could be helpful so prescribed it for me. Just going down it feels fabulous and tastes pretty good. The exact thing he prescribed was carafate which the pharmacist told me is usually used to coat stomach ulcers.

As far as method, he said he would do any I wanted him to. After doing my research I decided I wanted what he most recommended - sub-capsular (they get it all out from underneath the roots) removal of the tonsils with a scalpel followed by cauterization. I was fine with a longer, possibly more painful recovery time in exchange for less chance of post-op bleeding and to ensure that there was zero tonsil tissue left that could get infected or even worse, grow back. I also discussed my snoring with him (how unladylike!) and he said just removing the tonsils might fix it but he also shaved my uvula. Still not sure if he took out adenoids; he said if he sees them in an adult he takes them out, but usually they're no longer there.

He advised me to chew a lot of gum post surgery b/c I would recover more quickly if the muscles back there got exercise. I got myself some sugar free gum called Extra. When I chew it, the pain subsides so highly recommend. He also prescribed an antibiotic.

He then took off like a shot before I could finish asking him about medications so I had two pending questions for the day of the surgery – anti nausea meds and steroids. So day of they bring me to the back where a nurse checked my blood pressure, put an oxygen monitor on my right index finger and inserted an IV. I don’t have good veins for IV’s and once had six nurses each have a try before one was put in so asked for a numbing local anesthetic crème I’ve had used on me in the past but she did me one better and gave me a local anesthetic injection. It stung a tiny bit but nothing compared to how it feels being gouged by an IV needle :P When the IV needle went in all I felt was a tiny pressure. Aaaah.

The anesthesiologist stopped by and I requested (and received) the scopolamine patch which someone had mentioned on this forum. It’s an anti nausea patch that sits behind your ear and works for several days.

My ENT came by and I asked him for an anti-nausea prescription (which he wrote up in pill form – uncomfortable to swallow the first time but fine after that). He did not want to prescribe a steroid for inflammation b/c he said, “you’ll be mad at me if I give you too much to swallow”. Like I’d suspected, begging for meds right before you’re rolled in to surgery, vulnerable in your hospital clothes and wheelchair, is not a great bargaining position.

Once in the OR the anesthesiologist gave me something to calm my nerves (he said that was standard). I remember asking what it was and how to spell it but of course I’ve now forgotten – I read somewhere that that stuff has a temporary amnesia effect. So if I was conscious for the countdown to general anesthesia I remember from when I had my appendix out; I don’t remember any of it :)

I woke up and started blinking in and out of consciousness. I was shaking all over and freezing so they covered me up with blankets. After who knows how long a nurse was asking me if I wanted them to fetch my hubby and I said yes. Hubby was asked to dress me and then go fetch our car from the parking garage, and the nurse whisked me away half unconscious in a wheelchair to the curb :P The drive home was quite miserable. I didn’t even want to (or couldn’t?) open my eyes. I remember peeping out a couple of times to figure out how much longer it would be. I was also very itchy in various areas, esp my face, from the anesthesia (still am actually 48 hrs later).

Finally was in my own bed (which the nurse had assured me was where I really wanted to be, and she was right of course). And anti-nausea patch aside I was feeling VERY, VERY pukey. And starving, b/c I hadn’t eaten since midnight the night before. The next six hours went by excruciatingly slowly where I remember thinking that it was probably going to be like this for my entire 10-14 days of recovery, what had I done to myself, I wanted to be put out of my misery, etc etc with the internal self pity. I kept going in and out of sleep and every time I was awake I was drinking cold water like a maniac b/c that’s what everyone says you should do to recover quickly and prevent bleeding.

By the evening I was feeling a lot better, still drowsy, but with the nausea finally gone. I hacked up two separate blood blobs which wasn’t painful or anything; I just felt something was back there and spit it out – once into the sink, and another time into an empty ice cream bucket I had at my bedside (definitely have some type of container with you for such purposes).

My mom came to stay with us to help with me and my four kiddos. She has been fairly militant about bringing a huge ice pack to drape over my throat – it helps tremendously with the swelling. She also spoon fed me a lot over the first two days when I was pretty weak.

I had a pretty bad earache on the first day so used my heated up rice thingy to drape over my head and ears. That felt wonderful.

Got a super cute froggy cold mist humidifier at Target. Did lots of humidifier research and finally decided on cold vs hot. That thing pumps so much mist you’d think you were at the bottom of a waterfall – great stuff for preventing dry throat.

The first night I slept sitting up which was good b/c I kind of felt like I was choking a bit on all the swollenness if I was flat and then I'd have to cough - ow. Second night though I slept on my side and was fine. I had my head on the arm part of a husband pillow. The husband pillow has been awesome for propping up on during the day if in my bed. Otherwise I'm in a recliner in the living room.

So throat pain was pretty bad the first evening, very controlled and fine the second day (I’m taking the pain med around the clock, setting alarms for every 3 hours). But last night and into this morning of day 3 it has been the most sore (but not unbearable), just like how a really bad throat infection would feel. But this is probably not my peak from what I’ve read.

What has helped a great deal with break through throat pain has been Chloraseptic Wild Berries Max Phenol Oral Anesthetic/Demulcent Spray 1 Fl OZ (can buy over the counter, it’s a smaller bottle than normal chloraseptic) which you can take every 2 hours – it has something in it that helps coat the throat as well as numbing the pain.

The ice pack on the throat helps some with pain as well as inflammation.

But the most miraculous thing has been a product I found at Target called “LUIGI’s Real Italian Ice”. It comes in strawberry and lemon (I’ve been too scared to try the lemon though my dad said it wasn’t acidic tasting). WOW WOW WOW – this Italian ice stuff completely numbs my throat and feels SO good. It looks like a sorbet consistency but I tried actual strawberry sorbet yesterday and there was no comparison. This stuff is just more dense and icey and makes me forget my throat was hurting.

Cream of wheat also feels amazing on my throat and ever since I’ve started eating it (as of dinner last night) no more nausea.

I’ve had light bouts of nausea here and there, and what makes it go away is standing up and walking around which makes me burp and feel fine. It’s very important to eat something before and after taking your meds, even in the middle of the night! The one time I took my pain med on a fairly empty stomach (day 2) I threw up. What started it was a little blob of phlegm I spit out into the sink which triggered my gag reflex. Combined with feeling a little nauseous already had me running to the toilet. The actual throwing up didn’t hurt – felt like a relief actually since it relieved the nausea and weird feeling in my tummy, but my throat did feel a bit rawer than usual for a few hours afterwards, probably also because I lost all the medicine I'd just taken.

So to wrap up today’s diary, here’s what I’ve eaten these past days that has been great. Only thing I have regretted eating has been sweet potato baby food – it stings!!!

Day one:
Luigi’s Real Italian ice, lots of iced water, Gatorade with ice, blueberry jello

Day two:
Luigi’s Real Italian ice, lukewarm chicken stars Campbell soup, cream of wheat w cinnamon, lots of iced water, Gatorade with ice, Extra chewing gum, plain extra smooth hummus, squash baby food, peaches baby food, two teaspoons’ worth of shredded white cheddar cheese (I was SO craving cheese), blueberry jello, strawberry jello (the mildest of the two).

Day three so far:
Luigi’s Real Italian Ice, strawberry jello, cream of wheat with cinnamon, lots of iced water, Gatorade with ice

I got several of the above suggestions from reading these ENT forums so thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge and experiences :)
Yeah, this is the first surgery I've ever had. So if it is due to the general anesthesia that makes sense now.

I'm sorry that you are getting sick from this. My doctor told me that if i was having adverse reactions such as vomiting i would need to go to emergency room immediately.
All that acid that is coming up is not good for the esophagus and especially not conducive to the healing process of the throat after a Tonsillectomy. When I've taken antibiotics before I've always needed to eat quite a bit so that I wouldn't feel nauseous.

How is that humidifier working for you? You went with a humidifier and not a cold mister right? I read that it would be better to have the cold versus hot but as long as their is moisture in the air it would be better. I asked the discharging nurse if I should have a humidifier but she said it was unnecessary.

How is the color of your throat? I heard if it is white back there, you are doing well because that indicates that you have been keeping up with liquids and not letting it get dry back there. Have you noticed it started to heal and maybe scabbing already? I don't know what to think about that yet.
I was told that bleeding is most likely to happen days 8 to 11 so you definitely don't want thin blood should you be one of the unlucky ones.

Today, day 5, is the most painful day yet. I have to psychologically brace myself before swallowing anything, even water. It feels like Im trying to swallow a horse saddle (just to add a little texture to the sensory image). I now have the sides of tongue pain everyone talks about and at times the top of my palate (maybe where uvula was shaved) and molars ache as well. My throat (externally) is now perpetually swollen. Ears hurt on and off, sometimes more of a stabbing pain than dull ache like yesterday. Cold things now hurt (in throat and out as well aka ice collar) and warm things feel soothing. The back of my throat is now more gray than white and in one innermost (to right of throat) spot is missing and I can see bright pink skin underneath. I hope that means it's starting to fall off. No weird breath yet - I've been checking hehe. Pain meds are SOO desperately needed by the three hour mark and usually now are just taking the edge off rather than eliminating pain like they were at times the first few days. I've been flying through my chloraseptic max spray. Still chewing gum but it hurts now. Most soothing thing is still smooth cream of wheat (2 1/2 mins kind) made with a little extra water, cinnamon and some brown sugar. My face is almost constantly pinched from the pain now, ESP when swallowing anything but still definitely worth it over chronic tonsillitis. Side issue is four canker sores I developed inside bottom lip from sleeping wrong (teeth sunk in) and stress no doubt. Hurts more than the tonsils sometimes. Canker x is the miracle thing there.
Here i am at the end of day 4. I have the pain in control for the most part. I am just finding a lot of discomfort in trying to drink water and trying to get any sort of sustenance down. I tried some pudding, it didn't go well; i tried some jello, that didn't go well either; finally, i tried some soup but that just made my stomach upset i think.

So i feel malnourished and queasy. Like i asked before, sometimes If i don't prep before i take sip of water, the water finds it way into my sinuses and it starts to drip out of my nose and i almost choke on the water too. I'm sorry if that is graphic, but that is my dilemma for the time being i suppose. So i'm having to deal with that, which is horrible.

And now for the current issue. I was feeling nauseous just now, well for the past few hours rather, and so i ran to the bathroom and just vomited up all the water i have been forcing down. Didn't you say you were vomiting as well? oh my, this is horrible....

Should i be worried?? It didn't burn just hurt a lot coming up, did you find any discoloration in the uptake?
[QUOTE=Opalblade;4100230]Yes on the food commercials!!! They always show super crunchy food I can't have! What I am most craving are Taco Bell's Nachos Bell Grande and home popped white popcorn.

I'm at the end of day 7 (or 6 not counting surgery day). The reprieve was very short. Spent most of the day in mondo pain after taking a long late morning nap. The super sensitive painful knife stabbing pain has moved to my upper right throat too.

Talking is at times really hard. Had to make a business call today that I really
rushed through lol - I was like ok good night well talk more tomorrow!

Are you unable to eat all that food bc you are nauseous or bc it hurts? I now start eating 30 mins before the pain meds which hurts a LOT but I'd rather feel like my throat is getting ripped up than be queasy. Did have one bout of queasy when took meds after a long nap but it finally subsided. Don't know if this is something that everyone already knows or doesn't work for everyone but I find that walking around while pounding on my chest can force me to burp and after one or more burps the nausea lessens or goes away.

The white stuff I can see looks thinner now and I hope that's not my imagination.

My energys pretty shot. Opened a box that came in the mail and was digging around in it and got a wave of nausea and exhaustion. I am really hoping to get out on Sat fir a few hours so am planning to start walking around a bit tomorrow when I'm feeling better.

New food today was oatmeal, homemade and cold w plump raisins. I have to chew up the raisins first of course but it feels amazing going down my throat cold. It's what I had before my two pain med doses in the middle of the night and no queasiness.

I'm not drinking enough water anymore which is bad. Ice water now feels painful (even feel it in ears) so down to plain cold water with no ice - but nit room temp bc that makes me queasy.

Not sure if they've helped but i've been wearing a pair of those cuffs that put pressure on your inner wrist to help prevent motion sickness -just in case there is any benefit. Also have been massaging my head neck and behind ears which helps some.

Was having major constipation issues but metamucil (what nurse eeccomended) cleared it up. I'm drinking a big glass every day now. Texture feels great in throat but was slightly stingy one time.[/QUOTE]

YES, i cant wait till the day i can eat a crunchy taco again!!

I had someone come by and visit and i tried talking and it just caused me pain to try and open my mouth, and using my tongue, and all that jazz. I had to go lay down after a small stint of talking.

I haven't been able to eat other foods because of the discomfort and then because afterwards it makes me very queasy. i vomited 4 times after the 4 times i tried to eat something other than a popsicle.
I haven noticed that burping helps when it comes to that nausea.
It seems that anything i ingest just kind of sits at the top of my stomach or something. But again, it hurts to try and force that because i'm trying to do it from my diaphragm i suppose. and i'm trying to lift my soft palate and open my throat, while its still healing. I blame that on the fact that i'm a singer, i didn't think to just put pressure on my chest cavity to force out a burp. Silly me.

oh and so dearly want a glass of soda, bit i am refusing.

Eveything seems to be about the same with me, i just am not having such great luck with adding new things to my diet. I hava started sucking on Luden's cough drops or Hall's breezers. Non-mentholated ones, of course; they at least help with keeping my mouth from getting dry. So i guess its helping when i don't want to reach for that glass of water. chewing gum still tastes a little odd due to that icky white stuff on my tongue, but it is going away too i think. Has your tongue developed a tad bit of soreness too?

Now when it comes to the topic of bowels and constipation. I haven't had a bowel movment since before the surgery, should i be worried? Should i take something? i mean, i suppose now that i think about it, i have sorta had this overwhelming feeling of bloating and perhaps maybe thats why if i drink too much water i cant keep it down?

oh and about those pains....i too am feeling that sharp pain near the back, near my tongue. at first i thought it was my tongue, but i'm thinking its just the sensitivity of the throat area....Those ear pains are ghastly and throbbing all the time too!!

I am tempted to go to the ER or try and squeeze in a visit with my ENT. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask for nausea medication or any other pain medication alternative; i'm sure they will just tell me to wait it out. But like i said, it wouldn't hurt to ask. The other pains besides my throat pains seem to be worse and that is what's throwing me off. My throat only gives me trouble when i try to swallow saliva, or drink, or eat. I too have started massaging where it hurts and boy oh boy am i taking and enjoying those long hot showers.
At least for a few moments the pain is eased a little.....

Hope the next day goes better for you.
Definitely ask fir anti nausea meds - I have a pill I take every 6 hours but if Zi hadn't asked for it they wouldn't have prescribed. You should be able to just call and speak to the ent's nurse who can talk to the dr and call in prescriptions for you.

Wow a week is a long time and I bet that's contributing to your general queasiness. The nurse told me the over the counter laxatives are the same as prescription. The type that say they have stimulants in them work right away but canake you feel nauseous. The ones that don't, take one or two days to work. For that matter though she suggested drinking metamucil. That took about 12 hours to work for me.

My most sensitive spot has moved to upper left throat on what is now day 8. The white scanning is starting to look a bit more membranous than solid.

One weird thing is that all along on the deepest part of the right ex tonsil area, I have two very dark red/black spots that never got covered by white scabbing. They look like the dark old blood wounds I had after my wisdom teeth were taken out. I hope that doesn't mean that area will take ages to heal.

Was a tiny bit queasy earlier but went away after some cream of wheat and lemon Italian ice. My moms working on some eggs and avocado now. I really think you should give it a try forcing some food down before the pain meds little by little you have to push past that queasiness - don't give up! Hopefully you can get some anti nausea to help.

Last night was the absolute worst, prob bc I slept lying flat , huge mistake, woke up w absolutely everything hiurting and even tooky pain dose one hour late (4 hr interval rather than 3) and was Judy lying there moaning pitifully.

Feeling pretty great right now. Recently took pain meds and just a dull ache in ears and throat.

One of the worst things have been the little sores I gave myself in my bottom lip from biting myself in my sleep. They often hurt worse than the throat when I eat or drink ugh.
Well the suffering through the horrible pain of eating is paying off now I think. Yesterday was the first day I ate real food all day (eggs, avocado, oatmeal w raisins) and today I woke up feeling some energy for the first time. Walked out to the mailbox. Did bills and email at my laptop on my desk (as oppsed to in bed). Made a couple of ouchie business calls. Went upstairs fir the first time (to 3yos room), ate lunch and dinner in the dining room. The previous days I had pretty much laid in bed until nighttime when I'd kick back in a recliner to watch a few shows before bed. So I prob spent 6 hours out of my room before I started feeling a bit tired and dizzy and went to bed for a little rest before dinner.

Lunch was scrambled eggs and avocado. For dinner my mom made tacos and rice and it all smelled SO good I had to modify the meal. I mashed up in a little bowl the rice, little bits of steamed carrot, ground beef, Shredded white cheddar cheese, and refried beans. Then I chewed and chewed and chewed and washed it down with jello. Throat was a wee bit sore after that but felt great to eat yummy food. Had a really sore throat later after a long phone call
but pain meds and my heated microwave travel pillow thingy sorted it out.

Watched some tv and then figured I should eat something before my last pain dose of the day. I got really daring and had a frozen burrito w sour cream. It took me 45 mins to eat, chewing really really slowly for ages before swallowing. Those warm beans felt awesome on my throat and the chewing eased the soreness I've had lately at haw joints from clenching my jaw in pain I imagine. Then had my glass of metamucil, antibiotics, carafate to coat throat, anti nausea pill, and liquid lortab (hydroco/apap). Got in bed w col mist froggy blowing on me, propped half upright on husband pillow (that's a pillow with armrests attached, not my actual husband, he loves me but not that much), water and chloraseptic max by my side, alarm set for 3 hours, towel wrapped ice pack on my throat, microwaved warm travel pillow around neck behind ears ready for me to sleep on. Phew! And despite all this preparation I will wake up in mondo pain 3 hours, 6 hours and 9 hours from now bc I now sleep w my mouth open and that means dry pain beyond belief.

Someone needs to invent something that trickles and sprays water into your throat as you sleep :D

So today throat looks a lot better. More pink showing amidst the white. The dark red spots on the right side are now covered in white. My sorest spot now is lower right of throat right by the nerves to.right ear. Abd a new thing thst developed as I type this is a paper cut feeling at midldle back of tongue (ow).

I got really lucky that I didn't get thrush. My tongue did vet white and furry at one point abd I was brushing it with toothpaste which hurt my tongue root like crazy. Have been swishing salt water in mouth (very gently really more like lettng it pool in diff spots by swishing my head around) so maybe that helped. Also I got really really lucky and never had that really bad breath with the scabs some people talk about. Unless it's yet to come?

Acapela, I would really really urge you to ask to speak to your ent's nurse tomorrow about anti nausea meds - you have to eat!!! Thank you fir sharing your story - I really look forward to hearing how you're doing abd knowing I have a comrade in pain ;). Our very own Yow-yow sisterhood lol.
Well, i really envy that you are getting good nutritious solid food down.
I am going to attempt some soup today and also attempt at the noodles. My pain is bearable now, i suppose, except for the ear aches that come & go ever so often. I find it usually when i'm laying down for too long it comes and if helps if i sit up in bed to make the pain go away. Maybe i was just making that connection to amuse myself while i sit here in bed all the time. Anyways....My aunt stopped by last night and this morning and she urged me to start gargling with saltwater. I have to admit i was quite stubborn but as she told me she had the same procedure and it helped her immensely, i thought i would give it a try. I also read somewhere that gargling a little saltwater helps getting rid of any bad tastes in your mouth, post op. Bad taste yielding from the bad breath or vise versa or maybe from a slight case of that thrush but all in all its just a horrible, lingering taste. And it helps with recovery as well. A few gargles and the bad taste is gone and i hope to have a swooping reprieve & courage to eat some real food. But she told me i need to do this about 2 to 3 times a day, she even promised me a change in my recovery process, one for the better.

My thrush seems to be going away, like i said it seemed to only be a mild case but i am brushing as much as i can, and now that i'm gargling that saltwater it should help even more.

On a side note, my gag reflex did not like the saltwater at all but i keep at it and i'm going to finish this whole glass of saltwater. Sip, swish, gargle, & spit!!
My gag reflex has not been my friend the last couple of nights; last night was especially terrible. I didn't get sleep for a little while as I had this nonstop feeling of needing to spit and needing to vomit but I did not vomit though. I would hope that I don't from here on end. It would hurt too much i suspect and I do not believe i could bear that.

I do have to tell you that I've stopped taking my pain medication and now solely relying on that Tylenol 8hr. I felt as if the pain medication they gave me wasn't working and i was already running low anyhow. But it seems to be a decent decision and i'm not paying dearly for it. Just the fact that i'm getting those ear aches, as i previously noted.

I am going to see if i can get my mother to call the ENT office today when she gets home from work. I can't really talk and i'm sure i would be causing more of a problem calling them myself. I'm gonna see if they can prescribe me anything else but nonetheless i'm still anticipating my appointment Monday afternoon.

Thank you for keeping me updated, its nice to be able to talk to someone who is currently experiencing the same situation with me. It helps to get through, i can't tell you how many times I've been regretting it. This surgery can only yield good things, i just have to get through the stuff stuff first. :)
Day 12 now (counting day of surgery, done in morning). I feel normal except for very slight pain in ears and throat, and that's at 1/2 previous pain dose or I may not be feeling anything at all. Still can't bend over or lift things without feeling a horrible tearing pain in my throat muscles. Guess that's why the info sheet said not to bend or lift for 2 weeks. Am now eating anything I want other than super crunchy things like chips. But do still have to chew it up significantly or my throat feels tender or sore when I swallow. My shaved uvula is what I feel more than anything now. It's still fairly swollen up there so feels like I constantly have something stuck in my throat. And it's still a bit uncomfy to lie flat because of that sensation.

Was nauseous last night again b/c I took my pain meds on a not full enough stomach, but took an anti nausea pill (which I'd stopped taking regularly) and it wore off phew.

Acapella, so happy to hear you are feeling better :) I never ate hot soup though; I ate it lukewarm or warm :) Don't think I ever had anything hot. The first few days cold felt best, then for several days lukewarm or warm felt best. I'm back to the Italian ice feeling really good on my throat so guess (hope) I'm past that awful super sensitive part of the healing. There is still some white at the back of my throat but lighter and over a smaller area.

Looking back days 3 through 7 were the absolute worst for pain and 1 and 2 I was practically unconscious. If someone were to ask me how long they should have someone watching after them I would say at least a week. You can survive on your own but you won't have as speedy of a recovery as if someone is bringing you water refills, making and bringing you lots of slushy and mushy food, pain meds right on time, pushing you to eat or drink or chew gum, keeping your rice/buckwheat thingamabob heated up for your ears, and your ice collar or ice pad in the freezer for refreezing. And you may be putting yourself at risk for fevers (not hydrated enough) or bleeding (multiple reasons).

If someone were to ask me how soon they could be back at work I would say have the surgery at the end of one week (Thurs/Fri) then go back to work two Mondays later. If you have to do any physical exertion of any kind at all, don't go back for at least 2 weeks as medically recommended. I can do something as simple as lean over to pick up a little toy on the carpet and it feels like someone's ripping my throat muscles out. Don't do it.
Opal, hope all is well. Day 13 here for me i believe.

First day back in the swing of things. I went to school, got my missed notes. I am studying for an exam that I will be having on Friday.

I'm off any and all medication.
Still waking up a little sore from overnigt dryness. I have no lingering pain if i'm just sitting around. I am mostly healed and doing great, most greenish tissue gone. Today was the 2nd day of regular food.

Yesterday I had a wonderful Shrimp Alfredo from Chili's. Burned a little as they put some cajun seasoning and i had to eat it very slow.
Today i had Chicken teriyaki over fried rice. Oh geeee, it was delicious; with slight swallowing pain.

I can account for very very slight pain swallowing food; not so much when drinking any liquid. The pain seems due to a lack of space; as if i might be taking too big of a bite of food perhaps. The pain doesn't seem to be healing pain, if that makes sense. My sense of taste is coming back every so slowly as well. Some beverages and some food are still tasting a bit odd but anything that is bitter or salty i can taste right off the bat. Sweets don't taste as sweet as i know they are but that is coming back slowly too.

Are you having any trouble with your throat healing back rather tight? I suppose this accounts for my slight swallowing pain. It definitely hurts to yawn right now, that is the only negative thing i'm facing....
When I saw my ENT doc he said i should be chewing as much as I can: food, candy, etc. That i am going to have to "stretch" my throat back out, in a way.
I had a friend mention that she didn't even realize that is phenomenon happened.
So now i consider the Tonsillectomy a Face Lift of the Throat in a way. LoL.

I assume you are probably back at work or doing great things now.
This has been a long, strenuous, painful battle.
But it seems we have made it, thanks for all your insight and advice!!!!
God bless and hope all goes great from here on end; we are Tonsil-Less!!!
I'm so glad to hear you are almost all better and enjoying real food again :)

Just shy of day 15, no pain meds since day 12, unless you count Nyquil the past two nights (more on that later). My main issue has been that my throat is feeling very dry and scratchy as it's healing and I've been coughing A LOT at night (and some during the day too) and not sleeping very well. As a result I yawn A LOT during the day and that REALLY HURTS :P The pain is only on the right side now, and as I healed that side always hurt more. Probably not coincidentally, that was the only side I had a full tonsil. I once had an infection so bad that I was too weak to walk and had to get a one month penicillin shot in the ER. The next day I accidentally swallowed half of my left tonsil which had fallen off b/c it was so infected that my body could no longer supply it with blood. You'd think I would have had them taken out THEN, but no I waited another 14 years. That's pretty pathetic, I have probably lost years of productivity over that time. The reason I finally got this done is I had a 4 week tonsillitis episode and I was starting to get nervous imagining myself as an elderly person one day with a weaker immune system. I didn't want my future cause of death to be complications as a result of tonsillitis. People, get your tonsils taken out.

Normally if nothing is going on I don't feel any pain other than a slight dull pain in my ears that I'm looking forward to going away completely, and a slight stretchy dry feeling in my throat that's pretty much constant, and increases if I don't hydrate enough. I've still been having a lot of sorbet b/c it eases that feeling. As a result I think I've actually managed to GAIN weight these past two weeks instead of lose, lol.

I now only feel a slight bit of pain and uncomfortable stretching in my throat muscles when I bend over or lift something so that's good, and today (day 13) was the first day that was the case.

I've been having some low grade fevers off and on, mostly during the night (wake up all sweaty, lovely). My take home sheet said that could happen post surgery if you don't hydrate enough. I think my body just over reacts to any kind of healing being needed. My body has always gotten feverish over any tiny little thing going on, even a minor cold. I was hoping that with the tonsils gone it would mean no more fever, but at least it is a lot less likely to happen (in theory) since I should be getting sick less often.

Pathology found a nasty bacteria in my tonsils which the ENT said were very commonly found in chronically infected tonsils. And that it had probably taken permanent residence in my tonsils (EWW), and probably why my children and hubby and I were sick way more often than the average family. So get those icky tonsils out!

I'm pretty much eating anything I want now, though also feel uncomfortable swallowing if I don't chew stuff up enough. Just as you described, like there's less room in there than before; I guess it's all the swelling. My throat is still a bit puffy feeling from the outside.

I saw the ENT on day 13 and he looked genuinely surprised when he looked in my throat. He leaned back and said, "WOW, you are healing really fast," so guess the aggressive eating theory might be true. Not that anyone would ever want to eat anything sharp (my first was day 12 - tostitos chewed up into really really small bits), but eating a lot of mushy stuff early and progressively more solid stuff probably helped. But ow it did hurt to swallow anything for several days, even water :dizzy:

I'm a stay at home mom and work from home part time so have it pretty cushy thankfully. I could definitely have been back at an office job as of day 10 or so but all the feverish sweating and sleepiness and dull ear pain and throat scratchiness and coughing would prob have made me pretty miserable. It's really really hard for me to not do anything productive beyond my bare minimum mom stuff but have definitely still been taking it easy still this week.

Well I've yawned painfully twice while typing this so I better get to bed :) I finally resorted to Nyquil last night to get through the night. Coughing woke me up once but I still woke up feeling unrested (and sweaty with fever ugh). Took Nyquil again tonight and hope to sleep all the way through with no fever :P

I won't check in as often but will come back to update until I am 100% normal again :)

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