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Thanks for responding! Have you had your tonsils out recently? The taste seems to be filling my whole mouth up and my tongue is covred white that wont scrape off. I am on day 8 now and worried that this taste/smell/appearance is not going to go!

It smells like it is coming from deep within my throat not my tonsil area though.

Also, I keep snorting upyellow/brown coloured snot/mucus frmo my sinuses I think - should I get some antibiotics or is this normal? THe pain is bad in the mornings but otherwise OK!
Thanks : (
The mucous is normal. I had it from the first day I had my tonsils out and still have a bit of it, but my doctor said nothing about a possible infection at my post-op. So no worries there - it tends to get a bit thinner and less yellow and/or brown as you get further into post-scabbing recovery. You might want to call the doctor about the white tongue. If it is just coated like it would be when you are sick, then it's probably fine. If it's very thickly coated and/or is painful, you could have thrush and should call the doctor as there are some easy treatments for that.

Also, I am very glad you had a relatively easy recovery! But, I just wanted to comment on your original post because it struck a nerve with me. Most of us who are posting about difficult recoveries are not doing so to scare others or because we are hypochondriacs. I came here to post about it because it was a good place to vent and get some encouragement rather than annoy friends and family with whining. And everyone's body is different and heals differently. A person's recovery will depend on a lot of variables including how large their tonsils were before being taken out, how often they had been infected, how much scar tissue was there and how deep the doctor had to go to remove them.

So I'm so glad you had a good recovery and I wish the best for anyone going through this, that they also will have easy recoveries with nothing worse than a mild sore throat. But that said, please be sensitive to the fact that not everyone is the same or will have it as easy. Still, it is good to hear a positive story and I'm sure it will give some people out there hope, so thanks for sharing that it went well for you!

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