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Hi Wallaj -

Today is day 10 Post Op for me, and this has been the first day I have seen any light at the end of the proverbial tunnel! Am I out of pain?? Nope...not by a long shot, but the painkillers have really helped (whereas initially, and up until today, had only taken the very outside edge off the pain). In fact, to give you some idea of the enomity of the pain, I actually ended up OD-ing on the Roxicet....not on purpose, but i simply got confussed over when I had last taken some and I ende dup taking double the amount. It was serious enough that my pupils became fixed as pinpoints and I was talking nonsense, plus being giddy and hyper....and I STILL had pain...the only difference was that I found it all quite amusing! Hahaha! Anyway - that was a scary time, but thank goodness a massive amount of water and time and it wore off.

I am still only eating soft foods...soup, well chewed bread. Today we went out for the first time and I had a burrito, but it was too much for me to handle (pain wise))...I ended up scrapping the beans out and eating them off a spoon. Bummer...I was so looking forward to some "real" food....I think I just tried to run before I could walk because I had felt quite a bit better.

I think mainly I am starting to feel better in myself. I haven't left the sofa in 10 days up until today, other than to pee and get drinks. Literally, I have slept, eaten, and writhed around in pain here for 10 days. I am here now, on my laptop! LOL!!

There is simply no two ways about it - this recovery is the worst ever. I so wish I had had this done as a child or teen...the recovery is noy nice, but it is so much better and faster than as an adult. Not to say a 20 yo such as Nickey is not an adult...but I mean an older adult, such as you and I.

However, like you, I suffered with recurrent bouts of tonsillitis, and last year I had quinsey which in a nut shell is a severe case of tonsilitis where yoy have flu like symptoms and the puss filled spots/streaks of the tonsils go so deep they become like an ulcer. I was so, so sick, and almost ended up in ER because it got so bad...but the ulcer exploded one night. O....M....G....never in my life have I been so grossed was like a damn of puss burst into my throat. I threw up, as one might imagine....not so much because of the taste (which was rank) but the thought of it. Felt SO much better after that though :p

Anyhow....I think that was a turning point, or a deciding point for me, if you will. I was sick of being sick. Plus, my tonsils were so badly damaged from years of chronic disease, they had swollen to 3 times their normal size...this caused snoring and also the disgusting issue of tonsilliliths, or tonsil stones which cause chronic bad breath. Eeewwwwwwww!!!!

So, I figured despite the risks and pain and slower recovery and so on, it would erradicate so many problems in one go for me that it would be worth it. And it has been!! I am sure you have thought a lot about this, and luckily you have plenty of time to research self-help measures and so on.

I doubt you will have been thru pain like it....I gave birth naturally w/o pain killers, and this has been way, way worse than that for me. One of the hardest things is how long it drags on, and for us "older" peeps, that can be even longer than you might imagine. I am used to being sick and healing quite fast - 2-3 days tops, as I am sure you are. This just seems to go and on and on forever...with unrelenting it really starts to get to you emotionally (well, it did me).

I wish you well and as speedy a recovery as possible. My advice would be to use this time to gather as much info as possible and go in there armed with info!!

Nickey - glad you're doing so well....boy, to be 20 again........I would love that!!! Wishing you a happy tonsil free life!:)

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