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Hello there....

Prior to my operation I wasn't very nervous at all, really the only thing that really freaked me out is the fear of them sticking a tube down my throat! YUCK! I didn't do any research on the internet just stuck to my moms word that it hurt like hell and my brother told me it was nothing.

Previous to my surgery I had chronic tonsilitis and strep throat, not to mention the continious struggle to catch a complete breath. I got so immuned to having them swollen 24/7, I just figured it was just a part of my life I was going to have to get used to.

I had a tonsillectomy and septoplasty done on June 8th, 2010. I went into the operating room and that is when I started getting nervous. The anth. with his needle says "I'm just gonna give you something to make you relax". Before I knew it I was out and they were waking me up. I woke up groggy and had felt like I had put up a fight and was slightly crying. Took me awhile to figure out how to breath and swallow. Not only did I get a tonsillectomy but I had a septoplasty so I had tubes in my nose, which made it almost impossible to swallow or try to drink water.

I honestly was not in the much of pain, I would say about a 3, but every time the nurse came to ask how I was doing I told her I was really hurting, she gave me morphin through my iv about 5 times while I was there. Which was a good thing, made my 1 hour drive home very comfortable, (despite the fact that they left the damn tubes in my nose) and by the time I got home my pain had gone up to a 5 and was ready for more pain meds. Suprisingly my nose doesn't hurt at all just my throat.

Day 1 & 2:

Pain most ranging from a 3-4 and wasn't too bad since I am so used to constant strep and tonsilitis. I felt groggy and like a had a cold. The tubes in my nose were so annoying. They weren't draining the blood out any more and were getting clogged up which was horrible trying to breath. Once the tubes clogged up the blood starting draining down my throat which made my stomach upset. I had my fiance call the doctor and he said that this is very normal and that I could take out the tubes if I wanted, but I was too afraid to. At this point, my concentration is so much on the damn tubes in my nose than the pain in my throat. Trying to sleep is almost impossible, had to pack about 5 pillows and sleep up or else blood would drain down my throat.

By day 2 the tubes were so annoying, I got the courage to pull them out. What a baby I was, they were getting so plugged up that they were falling out themselves so there was not that much to pull out by that time. Oh, I was soooo happy!:wave: As far as eating.... it is NON-EXISTANT due to the fact that it hurts like a [email protected]^# and I have like these canker sore things way down the back of my tongue that hurt like hell and my tongue is so swollen. :mad:

Day 3:

Today was my follow up appointment for my septoplasty, yeah I get the bandages out of my nose. So I go into the Dr.'s office and he tells me everything is looking good. Then tells me he is going to pull out the bandages. "Ok.. cool!", I thought. HOLY [email protected]#*@#* S#!^.... AAAAHHH. The bandages were about 1 foot long in each nostril and when he pulled them out it felt like he was pulling out everything that was in my head, my brain, my eyes, everything. The bandages were full of mucus and blood. OH, it was horrible!:dizzy: But, that part is done now! PHEW! Pain level still around a 3-4 and still can't eat! Stinking to water, water and water! Along with that is Jell-o (which I am still trying to figure out how it has stayed in business for so long... disguisting and pointless $#!^, slushies and that is about it.

Day 4:

OWIEEE.. I woke up this morning and the pain has intensified to about a 7.. Forget going through stages 5 and 6. The pain is so horrible and unbearable that I just want someone to put me out of my misery. This is just horrible and pure TORTURE! The pain has intensified and my ears hurts so bad. Still can't eat.... :( Because of those damn canker sore things or whatever the hell they are. I just keep trying to stay positive.. One good thing, it will all be over with, I CAN ALREADY BREATH BETTER, and no more antibotics, dr. visits, etc., etc.

Day 5:

Ok... So the unimaginable happened.... THE PAIN DOES GET WORSE! :blob_fire Pain is now about 8-9, feels like my throat is on fire and ripping apart. It is so horrible. I am extremely hungry, Bitchy, emotional, stressed... the list goes on and on. Still can't eat... Although I have tried a scrambled egg and I managed to eat 1/2 of it with in 45 mins and after that I hurt like hell. But at least it was something. The pain has gotten to the point that it also feels like it is on fire but also extrememly cold. So water or anything hurts like hell. I just want to crawl in a ball, suck my thumb, rock, cry myself to sleep, or death what ever it may be.

Day 6:

Well.. one good thing is that pain hasn't intensified any further, the bad news is it is still about 8-9. It is horrible. I just keep counting the days in my head, over and over again trying to convience myself logically that it has already been 6 days now so the pain should be going away. I am freaking out because I am almost out of pain meds, but I called the Dr. and he will write me another prescription. Unfortunately, they can't call in pain meds so tomorrow I have to travel (in the heat, not eaten for days, weak, dizzy and in pain) an hour away that is going to pick up a piece of flipping paper, BUT.. it is going to save my life! My Throat hurts so bad now that I have to actually force myself and convience myself to drink a sip of water. BUT... if you don't drink the water your throat dries up and it hurts even worse!!

Day 7

My fiance, kids and I went to Show Low to pick up my prescribtion. I am so weak now from not eating and the sun doesn't help at all. I am now to the point were I am feel dizzy, black outish, etc. if I stand up too long. My kids screamed the whole way, back and forth and I just wanted to CRY! The left side of my throat looks like the scab fell off so that side doesn't hurt as bad. Except those stupid canker sore things are still there and they still hurt and my tongue is still sore and I still have eaten and I think I am going crazy from the pain and I just want this TO END! :dizzy:

Day 8

The pain has gone back down to about a 7 or so. I am just so sick and tired of this and want it all to end. I still have those damn sores that hurt like hell. I feel like I am emotionally going to break down and can't understand why on day 8 the pain is still so intense. Please help me!

On a positive note.... I had one piece of toast, made it cinnamon toast and dipped it in water to get soggy. Really helped getting it down. I seriously thought I was going to pass out today. I am down 11 lbs, although I wanted to lose weight this is definetly not how I wanted to do it... So unhealthy.

One pointer I have for everyone who is planned for a tonsilectomy.. MAKE SURE YOUR DOCTOR PRESCRIBES YOU LODICAINE. It is a life saver that numbs your throat a little.

Day 9

The pain is around a 6-7 and I finally think that I may be headed on the right direction. I hope. Although, when I look at my throat the scabs are off my throat still looks really red and swolllen. I still have times when my throat really hurts and burns when I drink water or something. Still only eating icees, cinnimon toast and scramble eggs. I really, really want to eat a BIG, FAT, JUICY Cheeseburger with french fries dipped in tons of ranch and ketchup!!! MMMM....... There is nothing wrong with dreaming right? ;)

Day 10

DAMNIT!!! Right when I thought that I was ended on the right track to recovery.... I woke up this morning and I was drowning in a pool of my own blood. :confused: Freake me the hell up... I got up real fast and ran to the sink and my nose was bleeding profusly also. Since I had a tonsillectomy and a septoplasty I couldn't tell if the blood was coming form my throat or my nose. I had my boyfriend call my doctor and he said that it was probably scab that fell off and to gargle with ice water. He said that if it didn't stop after 15 of gargling to call him. It stopped burt now I am extremely freaked out that it is going to happen again. I am so scared to talk. I live an hour away from a hospital, that would be so horrible if I was bleeding for that long. AAAAHHHHH....

Looked in the mirror later that day and the damn scabs are back and my throat pain is back to were it was 8-9. I am so emotionally, physically and mentally drained. I just want this all to end. I am getting extremely depressed and I just wish this would all end.... SOON!! I guess its back to jello and icees for me.... :mad:

Day 11

I woke up in intense pain today. I am pretty sure it is because I slept with my mouth open and my throat got really dry, and since my throat started bleeding I have scabbed all over again.... Thank GOD for the magic concauction my doctor made me with Lodicaine, benadryl, and maalox. This has really saved my life along with the percocet.

I looked at my throat and there looks to be blood draining down my throat. I don't taste the taste of blood and when I try to spit it up, there isn't blood that comes up. Any ideas? Should this be something that I am worried about? Scabs look like they fell off again, it is later in the evening. I am just so worried about the blood in my throat now....

As far as eating today, I was actually able to eat a large mac and cheese from KFC and ooooohhhh how damn good it was!!:angel:

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