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zcotton, welcome to the club. This will end up being one of the best things you've ever done, I promise. I've never felt healthier since having my tonsils out. Stay away from tomato-based and cream-based soups. Tomatoes are highly acidic and will hurt terribly. Cream causes phlegm, which is a bad thing at this stage. Chicken soup should be okay for you, if it isn't initially, try watering it down. Overcooked macaroni and cheese was okay for me, maybe try that!

Really, you'll figure out what is okay and what isn't fairly quickly. I hope you have someone looking after you, and this process will be super annoying to them, but what you tolerate might be very different from the next person.

Truly, the sooner you get back onto normal food, the better off you'll be. I have a friend who forced himself back on solid food inside 3 days and by the end of the first week, was back at work. (I say take the whole 2 weeks!! It's nice to be pampered for once!!) Also, gum, gum, gum. Gum will change your life. The constant saliva production is a godsend.

Hang in there!! Day 11 is an amazing one! And try to remember, this is all worth it. This is the LAST sore throat you're ever going to have!!!! It had to be a good one, right?

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