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Hi All

Well around May 2009,I had sore throat which went away after i took some antibiotic while i was in UK

Well i came to india,i started getting recurrent sore throat,which became constant evryday pain though i tried different antibiotics.. I always used to feel like i was coming down with a flu

Till Dec 2009, I started having sinus infections along with the sore throat(I dio have a deviated septum from childhood).. My Lymph nodes in my neck ,behid my ears would hurt alot.

Docs told i need get a tonsillectomy and sinus surgery (My Sinus CT scan showed lot of cyst ,polyps and sinus fluid)along with correcting my deviated septum..They said that would get rid of my sore throat

I went into sugery on Jan 2010, My throat was fine only till 2 weeks after sugery(I was only on liquid diet till then and was on bed most of the times). I could see that cobblestone appearance was gone

After a 2 weeks My throat was sore ,my cobblestone throat was back.but i thought it was from the surgery

In Feb I had fever,rash on palm,tenderl lymph nodes ,cobblestone appearance on back of my throat was back..CBC showed I had elevated ESR and increase in Neutrophils...

After that my sore throat never went away, I tried steroids ,antibiotics,nasal sprays

In May 2010, I had an Upper GI endoscopy (was done through mouth) ,They found H.Pylori in the stomach biopsy and persistant dypepsia

I was put on Antiobitics and PPI....did help to some extent

But sore throat was still present... So my doc put me on anxiety medicines(I agree i had loads of anxiety) which dint help either

I had fever in July 2010,which i had a fever,sore throat(was always there), tender lymph nodes in armpits and neck.Sinus Pressure.CBC showed I had elevated ESR and increase in Neutrophils and eosophils...

I have tested for the below

1. TB profle
2.Blood Sugar..Once it was low but always towards the lower end but within the range
6.HEP B (12 weeks after my protected vaginal and oral encounter with CSW)
7.HEPC (12 weeks after my protected vaginal and oral encounter with CSW)
8.VDRL (12 weeks after my protected vaginal and oral encounter with CSW)
9.HSV1 ( +ve, but doc says i could have had it for long time,this is the first time i tested)
11.HIV (13 weeks after my protected vaginal and oral encounter with CSW-tested on Aug 14 2010)

My new doc has put on Raboprozole (1 in the morning) and EOFIL Forte(Used in Topical Eosonophillia and filariasis)

My question is

1. Can LPR cause Cobblestone Appearrance of the throat
2.Can it cause recuurent Sinus Infection
3.Can it cause reccurrent throat infection
4.Can it cause swollen lymph nodes in armpit

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