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I'm 58 and had my tonsillectomy on July 23. My ENT, his assistant, and many HealthBoards posters had me believing that it would be a horribly painful recovery. I'm happy to report that it was NOT horribly painful. Sure, my throat was sore, but nothing like I thought it would be. I had about 15 minutes on Day 7 post-op that I would classify as "horrible". My throat was really sore on Days 7 and 8. After that, I just felt better and better.

I understand your feelings about the weight loss. There was a time in my life when I couldn't gain weight if I tried. I was 5'10'' and 110 pounds. I finally started gaining weight when I hit 35. Anyway, I probably lost about 6 to 8 pounds after my tonsillectomy, but it came back when I could eat normally again.

Now I'll tackle your questions:

[*]I slept in a recliner.
[*]I set an alarm clock to wake me up when it was time for my pain medicine. I don't think I ever slept for very long at a time.
[*]I bought some Powerade, but I didn't drink any of it. I just drank lots and lots of ice water. My instructions were to drink one glass of fluid for every waking hour.
[*]My most painful time consisted of two days...Days 7 and 8.
[*]Sound didn't bother me at all. I didn't have any ear pain at all. I attribute this to sleeping in a recliner and chewing lots of gum. Of course, maybe I wouldn't have had ear pain anyway.
[*]I started eating instant mashed potatoes on Day 2. I think I could have handled them on Day 1 (the day of surgery), but my instructions said to begin with clear liquids.
[*]Sneezing hurt. So did yawning.
[*]I'm not sure what method was used. I didn't ask. I assume it was by scalpel and cauterization, but I can't be sure.
[*]I didn't have any bleeding at all.
[*]It'll soon be 3 months. No irritation. My soft palate still feels a little thick. Maybe that will go away or maybe I'll just get used to it.
[*]I don't think you can have tonsil stones if you don't have any tonsils. I could be mistaken about that, but it makes sense to me.
[*]I didn't have anti-nausea medicine. The liquid medicine made me throw up a couple of times, so I started eating instant mashed potatoes before and after taking it. It didn't make me sick when I did that. My surgery was on a Friday. I called the doctor's office first thing Monday morning and asked to be switched to pills. I could swallow them just fine and they didn't make me sick.

My suggestions:
[*]chew gum
[*]instant mashed miracle food
[*]peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...I tried this during week two (or was it week 3?) and was amazed. This went down as easily as the mashed potatoes. Wish I'd thought of it sooner.
[*]ice packs for your neck...You can make your own. I've posted the "recipe" a few times on other people's threads. If you like, I'll repeat it for you. I made three of them to rotate.
[*]sleep elevated
[*]Before you leave for surgery, set up your "recovery zone". Water, tissues, gum, something to vomit in (just in case), pillow, afghan or blanket, waste basket, puzzle book...anything you can think of that you might want or need

It is not necessary to stay in bed. My instructions were: [I] "The patient should remain inactive for two weeks after having his/her tonsils removed. (This does not mean in bed.)"[/I]

Try to relax. I think being prepared is half the battle. Not everyone goes "through hell for two weeks". I was pleasantly surprised by my tonsillectomy recovery experience. I hope the same for you.

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