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Hi everyone

I really need help with this problem
first I had a Tonsillectomy 2 years ago but i still have sore throat a lot but less then before.
and I'm a smoker. (cigarettes and pot)
I had acute bronchitis, cold and sore throat about 2 months ago.
I also started to feel weird while smoking, it's like my throat is burning or drying deep in the middle of my neck, i stopped smoking for a while and i went to the doctor, he gave me antibiotic and coughing syrup.
i felt well 2 days after then i went back to smoke.
this burning feeling didn't go away.. it's not like a sore throat pain or something it's like something is itching my throat and making bad taste when i smoke.
anyway 2 weeks ago i had bronchitis and sore throat again and the doctor gave the same medication. i feel well now and stopped smoking for 2 weeks since i felt sick but this itching stuff in my throat is still annoying me and everyday late at night i feel a little pain in my throat and a little pressure in the same place i think it's near the Pharynx.

i hope that somebody can help me and thnx

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