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So after mulling over for months, on July 3rd, at 32 years old, I finally got an electrocautery tonsillectomy (my first surgery ever) to cure tonsil stones, coughing fits, itchy ears, and cryptic tonsils.

ATTENTION: My experience wasn't too bad. After reading almost every tonsillectomy entry that exists on the web, I was definitely scared, and I tried to make myself feel better by preparing myself by buying almost $100 worth of soft food and sore throat medications...ask me if you want tips on what worked and didn't.

Day 1: My throat was sore but I slept laying down all day long from the anesthesia and medications: crushed percocet, roxicet, and amoxicillin.

Day 2-4: My throat was completely fine except for swallowing, talking, yawning, and coughing. I had coughing fits probably due to the scabs. I had a lot of mucous in my throat and mouth and I kept spitting it out, which I heard you shouldn't do. I'm thinking now that this extra mucous kept my throat moist because I've been and still am (Day 7) sleeping through the night and waking up with no issues of dryness. My uvula was swollen and laying on my side or being upright helped. My tongue was a little numb/sore. I was trying to eat as much as I could because I heard of the pain that was to come in the next days. I napped frequently. I quit Roxicet because although I'd hoped it'd take the edge off from eating, it didn't and was therefore useless.

Day 5: My throat was sore only when swallowing, talking, and yawning. The coughing fits stopped. I left the house to attend Church but I almost fainted and had a sweating fit because I was extremely nauseous from being so hungry. I tried to stretch my menu but it was getting tougher to eat because my throat was so sore from being sore, if that makes sense. Also, I guess as my scabs were hardening, I noticed food was getting stuck in my throat. I tried to hack it out and a (what I think was a) scab came out. It had the consistency of a slab of grilled chicken. Anyone agree??

Day 6-7: My throat is very sore when swallowing, talking, and yawning. The pain is starting to inch its way into my's on and off and will pulsate once in a while but otherwise I am fine (especially because today is my last day for liquid amoxicillin...yay!!). I'm still a little bit weak from the lack of food. My throat will allow me to eat food through the soreness but it reaches a point where you stop wanting to eat from the pain of swallowing.

I'm still recovering but I was happily surprised when I realized the pain wasn't constant. I was up and about since Day 2. I'm just waiting for the scabs to come out. This procedure is definitely worth it if you have things happening in your throat that aren't letting up. I'm so happy to be able to share my happy story!

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