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Hi There,

Approx. 5-6 yrs ago my son had a cold and once the cold had mostly cleared up, he was making a sound to clear whatever was left of the cold (mucous) from his throat area.

This now continues 5-6 yrs later. He tells me he feels like he's going to choke if he doesn't make that sound (it's the sound someone makes when they are about to clear their throat and spit) to clear what drips from his nose and gets stuck in his throat. He tells me he literally feel like he's going to choke.

We have taken him to his family Dr. and the Dr. doesn't say much except that the noise he makes is habit forming and he tells my son to try not to make the noise.

I am contemplating getting a referral to ear, nose, and throat specialist. I feel sorry for him and my dh gets mad at him every time he makes the noise as dh finds it "rude" and "disgusting". My son is in tears.
I was also recently very sick with a bad cold and had fluid dripping into my throat which I had to clear or else I felt like I could not swallow without choking so I can relate to how my son feels.

As a side note to this, my son also has seasonal allergies, which I also had as a child and which I outgrew.
His postnasal drip does seem to worsen during spring with higher pollen counts.

Has anyone else had to deal with something similar??? Any suggestions?
Is an ear, nose, throat specialist the way to go?

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