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My Stupid Ear.
Jan 9, 2014
Currently I had this fullness feeling my right ear and it's been this way for several weeks now. I guess I'll start at the beginning.

One morning I woke up and felt that my right ear was clogged up, so I asked my mother who was a R.N. about it and she said it might be some ear wax cause once in awhile I make the stupid move of putting a qtip in my ear canal to clean it. I had a appointment with my Doctor planning for the month anyway so I was just going to wait till I saw him. Well a week goes by and it still feels clogged up and I had to goto the hospital at a clinic there for a Employment Physical exam.

I talked to the lady who was doing the exam and told her about my right ear and she looked in it and said there was no wax or any sign of anything, but then she looked into my left ear and said it was very red and very infected and immediately diagnosed me with otitis media (middle ear infection) and said i needed antibioctics right away.

I've been on the med for about a week now and I have 1 pill left and I believe the ear infection in my left ear is gone. Sadly though, the fullness in my right ear is still there and has not seemed to made any progress of getting better. I'm not sure whats going on sense I've never had something last this long..

I don't seem to have any hearring loss that I can tell aside from sounds being muffled slightly, I dont have any dizziness at all either.

Some times I'll feel like a itchy type of feeling inside the ear or like something has shifted maybe, and I also hear a faint sound. Like a high pitched constant BEEEEP sound. Also, my right side of my nose is clogged and stuffed up most of the time too and since its my right ear that feels the fullness I'm guessing they're both related...

Anyway, that's my story, I hope this goes away cause it's annoying and hope it doesn't turn out to be anything really bad.

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