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My daily symptoms!
Mar 14, 2014
Since about the end of December I have had nasal congestion that just wouldn't quit associated with some pretty consistent sinus pressure, especially between the eyes. I saw an ENT and was prescribed Flonase and Patanase (two nasal sprays) for what he thought might be allergies. I used these for about a month but still had the congestion for the most part, although a few days were better than previously. I stopped using these because I noticed blood in my mucus, mostly from only one nostril. This worried me, but I knew it was a possible side-effect of the sprays and also possible with the dry winter air. My nose only actually bled out from my nostrils once - but if I stuck a tissue up my nostril I would often find blood.... it was always pretty deep and toward the septum side it seemed. I followed up recently and the doc looked around my nose with a nasoscope and saw nothing irregular and he said the bleeding should stop. He told me that he only cares about bleeding if it actually comes out and that I shouldn't go looking for it. This was a week ago, and I still have some blood in the same nostril (I looked for it :nono:, just by putting a tissue up there). Should I really not be worried if I'm still getting blood, now about 2 weeks after I initially discovered the bit of blood in my mucus? I haven't been on the sprays, but started to take a saline nasal spray 2x day and that actually seems to help with some of my congestion, but the blood remains. Of course Google has me convinced that I have some sort of paranasal sinus cancer and the blood is from some tumor in one of my sinuses. I'm really trying to convince myself that it is only due to dryness and allergies (in addition to the meds), but it just seems strange to me that I've never had such a reaction with allergies or anything like that. If I had to place a wager, I'd obviously bet that it is nothing serious, but I just can't help myself from constantly thinking otherwise.

Thanks for any input

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