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Tonsil Stones
May 4, 2004
... My original problem was getting tonsil stones out. To accomplish this I devised funny tools made of pens and thin springs, etc which I used alongside a dental mirror. ... (378 replies)
... By the ay, after looking at my partner's tonsils and my dad's tonsils, I totally realize just how much each individual tonsil varies... ... (0 replies)
... The best method for removing tonsil stones is an "irrigator." That's all I know to call it. For anyone whose ever had their wisdom teeth removed, you should know what I'm talking about . . . ... (8 replies)

... ed surgery, the other tell me it's up to me and he'll do it if I want. So basically I am left here on my own and uncertain. My problem is I have lots of tonsil stones and food that gets caught in the tonsils on a regular basis. ... (6 replies)
Tonsil stones
Jun 4, 2010
... The only way to get rid of them besides cleaning them yourslef is a tonsillectomy or removalll of the tonsil. The Stones are normal. Everyone haas pockets in each tonsil and food and other stuff get cought in there and well the stones form. ... (5 replies)
... Hey guys, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction for this I've suffered from mild bad breath for a few years now The things I've been doing daily or twice every day is to: irrigate my tonsils (plastic syringe or sometimes waterpik) gargle with listerine for like 5 minutes 2x a day with this routine I only get a tonsil stone every few weeks, but my tonsils... (0 replies)
... This was posted some time ago, but I am near to this issue myself. I have had these tonsil stones for almost 10 years now. ... (39 replies)
Tonsil Stones
Nov 14, 2003
... Yesterday my friend, who has a morbid sense of fun, dug the stones out of my tonsil. I had dug some out in the past, but had never been able to see more than what was visible from the outside of my tonsil. ... (378 replies)
... Hi, I haven't posted on this particular forum before, but this lead thread caught my eye. I am in my late 40s, and still have my tonsils, but they are filled with crypts...deposit-like holes within the tonsil. I was told the scarring and crypts were caused by my many bouts of strep throat when I was an adolescent. Many years later in my 20s, I noticed I'd sometimes... (11 replies)
Tonsil Stones
Dec 4, 2003
... Just when I reached that point of sheer self-abhorance where removal of my tonsils was the only way to go, my tonsil-stone removing skills have taken on a dexterity verging on virtuosic (sic). Now, mind you, just because I getting better at taking them out doesn't mean that I'm having fun, for I still feel that wave of revulsion wash over me every time I SEE one of those... (378 replies)
Tonsil Stones
Sep 21, 2003
... Firstly, that ENT is an idiot. To approve surgery before all other avenues are exhausted is just irresponsible. These stones are caused by infections in and around the tonsil area including ears, nose and throat. ... (378 replies)
... years of my life. Strep throat a few times in there and tonsil stones about every day. The septoplasty is to fix my deviated septium. ... (37 replies)
Tonsil Stones
Apr 27, 2003
... My habit started in 1983. I was diagnosed with asthma and had chronic colds, bronchitis, and my tonsils tried to help to the best of its ability..but it was too much for them. Finally, they became overloaded with too much crapola. ... (378 replies)
Tonsil problem
Jul 27, 2004
... I have had problems with my tonsils forever and in recent years the white plaque stones have shown up. I have them under control now by avoiding certain foods that irritated my digestion and caused reflux, which in turn irritated my tonsils. ... (13 replies)
Sep 29, 2003
... Well, finally have a surgery date. At 36 years old I get to have my tonsils out on Halloween and spend the night in the pediatric ward of the hospital. How strange is that? ... (120 replies)
Tonsil Stones
Oct 24, 2003
... I have been suffering with these awful tonsil stones for a few years now. Every time I go to the Dr. they think I am crazy. I am a gagger and they are not able to do a culture when I go in. ... (378 replies)

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