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... the operation, there was quite a bit of pain which is expected after part of your body has been cut out. Nurse gave me lots of morphine which made me absolutely painless for a few hours, and very sleepy. ... (6 replies)
... e is sometimes marketed by hospitals as a 'painless tonsillectomy' and I again got the smug chuckle and eye roll as he explained that "there's no such thing as a painless tonsillectomy". ... (3 replies)
... I had a laser tonsillectomy about 10 years ago and am very glad I had it done. For about 8 years, I did not get any sore throats or tonsillitis. ... (1 replies)

... Hi---the doctor did not know it was cancer, stage 2 tumor. Surprise! Turned my world upside down, treatment was quite aggressive.This was allowed to progress for 2 years before going ahead with tonsillectomy. Main symptom was fatigue. I also had a CAT scan that reported that it did not look malignant, unfortunately. The tonsil that was larger was painless. Tonsil cancer is... (10 replies)
... Thank you Nita. I appreciate your kind words. I hope things work out for you in as painless a manner as possible. We can survive it, it just isn't pleasant. ... (54 replies)
Apr 11, 2007
... Sounds like your brother was pretty unlucky. I am on day 8 of my tonsillectomy and it has been a breeze. ... (275 replies)
... I've been reading these posts for weeks (probably a bad idea). My anxiety level probably rose with every post I read, befor my operation. I am a 38 year old, male. I had my tonsils removed on Tuesday, 1-16-07. The reason for this post is to inform people, in the adult catagory, of one man's experience of the first week and a half of recovery. I am on my 11th day, and... (9 replies)
... i really want a very good and easy recovery and as painless as possible. my cousin had hers done at 16.. she said it hurt like when she'd have a regular sore throat but nothing like what many here are describing.. ... (25 replies)
... Hi Im a 21 year old male and had my tonsils out on July 23, 2010. I just wanted to post this for anyone who is concerned or scared to have them removed. I read a lot of blogs and it terrified me. I just want people to know that if you do all things suggested to you, the pain is manageable. First off DRINK DRINK DRINK, and for the first fews days use a heating pad because the... (9 replies)
... I'm 29 and just had my tonsils removed on the it's been exactly a week. I've found the pain goes up and down. I was eating semi-solid foods around day 5 (peas, boiled chicken, soft eggs, breads...) It was painful, but as long as I ate after I took pain meds it was manageable. I thought I was in the clear pain-wise. Then I guess the scabs began to fall because for... (9 replies)
... its not fun or painless but its not near as bad as my worst strep throat or ear infection... ... (27 replies)
... grey coating over the holes. But yeah everything has been fine, I just feel very tired and worn down. I guess I've just been a rare case with a nearly painless recovery? ... (27 replies)
... I am day 21 today (had my ent appointment too). I started having tissue growing in the holes a few days ago. It's painless, but tastes nasty cause theres a white coating again. It's bumpy looking but will smooth out soon. Give it a week and you will notice a significant difference. (57 replies)
... I'm not sure exactly which day it was, but on day 10 or 11 my pain did "magically dissappear", in a way...the day before I was still taking my meds every four hours, in lots of pain, and alot of ear pain. Then one morning, i woke up, and it wasn't bad enough to have to take my meds at all. I also managed to begin eating more foods, until I finally felt better. It's almost two... (57 replies)
... is painless to eat. I never was able to eat soup or pudding, mainly jello and pasta and a lil oatmeal. So im wondering what to expect in the next few days. ... (57 replies)
... So I was logging onto this website daily for a few weeks before my surgery, and of course I was scaring my self sh*tless!!! I am a 32 yr old female with "cronic tonsills" as my ent put it and had strep 3 times this year along with 4 boughts of tonsillitis and MANY ear infections. I went ahead and had the surgery 11/7/07. It was pretty bad...most of what you read will... (2 replies)
Jul 29, 2007
... ill tell you, my experience was relatively painless. I didn't need the painkillers at all, the biggest problem i had was finding things to eat. I ate a lot of soups at room temperature and its been nearly a week now and Im still not swallowing normally. I think you need at least a week off but you should def. be able to work from home. (4 replies)
... Did you feel dryness and like you could not control the airflow for the first few months ?? I'm almost 2 months after a turbinate reduction and while I breathe more open it feels dry and not completely normal at times . . (5 replies)
... weeks. I managed to remove some loose scabs while cleaning my nose around the third week. Then the rest was removed at the doctor's clinic, it was painless but you could feel pressure. ... (5 replies)
Apr 2, 2007
... me adventurous foods like white beans in my soup, or a taste of pudding. I bought more smoked salmon too, and am on my second container of honey. swallowing is painless without vicotin, and i feel like i have to go to the bathroom. I'll try and update again. ... (275 replies)

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