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... A sites looking good.. very small bits of scabs and nice pink flesh. Swelling is minimized, swallowing only proves to provide minimal discomfort but yawning and the occasional belch is painful. ... (25 replies)
Oct 1, 2006
... ked pretty well for me. It stopped the pain mostly, and put me into sleep right away. The post surgery pain was under control after day 4, and I stopped vicodin. Yawning and sneezing are still painful to me. I am back to normal diet now except for hard food and spicy food. ... (275 replies)
... day post op tonsillectomy progress report. Hi. This recovery progress is slow! ... (0 replies)

... You'll probably feel fine, just maybe some pain when yawning or sneezing. Nearing the end of my second week I lost all pain from sneezing but there's a tiny ache when I yawn. ... (165 replies)
... Wow, that took a while to read all the posts since yesterday ! I'm back to work now and can't check in as often as before. rajraj: I had Tylenol #3 after my surger and as long as I took two every 4 hrs, I was OK (OK being that the pain was at least bearable, at no time did it go away, but it was bearable). Now, I had the conventional cut and cauterize surgery (I wish... (335 replies)
... I ate some of the noodles in my chicken soup! first solid. I feel saner today. Yawning and moving my tongue around is bad bad. ... (335 replies)
... Hey there im on week 5 today and im still having problems :( i seem to have a cyste like thing on one side and the other day it felt like i was starting up with tonsilitus again :( i was so worried, so iv been staying away from people. I was in the drs 2wks ago and was talking to a guy who was my age (44) when he had his done and he said that, it takes a lot longer because it... (23 replies)
... yawning was the worst!! and I was definitely tender for a good 6-8 after.. Sounds like everything is looking great for you!! (2 replies)
My Tonsillectomy
Apr 12, 2011
... I'm on 30/500mg Co-Codomal. Which is 30mg Codeine and 500mg Paracetamal. Yesterday, I had Ice Cream - although some people say this creates Mucus, but apparently it only feels like it does and it actually does not. Though this was sore on my throat. I recently tried Chicken Soup with bread. I finished the soup, but the bread was unable to eat the crusts. It got stuck in... (23 replies)
... drink most anything, but I still have an awful sore throat when I wake up in the mornings. I'm exhausted throughout the day and yawning is still painful. But I'm nearly to the end of this mess, so that's good. ... (168 replies)
... So you don't think the yawning could cause a scab to pop and start some bleeding? ... (168 replies)
... adpace ~ It does get better, it really does. :) I think it was close to three weeks before I felt any semblance of "normal". Unfortunately for the majority, rough is the norm for this recovery. LOL about your "lusting" after real food. I totally get that, there were many posts where I was dying for a cheeseburger... ;) As far as the yawning, as painful as it is, I... (168 replies)
... I will never take swallowing, eating, yawning or even sleeping for granted again. ... (168 replies)
... One more quick thing I forgot - Yawning is incredibly painful right now, but suddenly my body seems to want to do it constantly (despite the fact I am finally getting a pretty good night's sleep every night). I can't seem to stop most of them. Any tips on dealing with this? (168 replies)
... Yes the yawning!! For some reason I don't remember having to yawn up until a couple of days ago and it hurts!! I think I'm on the up side here, crossing my fingers! Last night I took the loratab, this am when I woke up my throat was sore but I took two advil and it has worked really well :) I think I may be able to go back to work tomorrow, I would be out 2wks tomorrow... (15 replies)
... Good luck! You'll do fine :) I'm glad to hear my posts are helping someone out there! I was hoping they weren't just going by unnoticed! Anyway I'll continue with my daily update. Tomorrow will probably be the last day though, I think I'm almost completely healed! Day 6: Throat was very dry and uncomfortable when I first woke up which is expected of course. After it was... (27 replies)
... Koolizzy 222: i am curious as to how you are doing. I am on day 8, lost majority of my scabs day 5 and now just have whats left. I have deep pockets on the sides which make eating impossible. Day 6 I tried mac and cheese and it was a nightmare. Only got 3 bites down and noodles were so lodged in my pockets it was painful to eat and i had to get them out, Qtips and tweezers... (57 replies)
... Well, I was feeling a lil bit better except that I kept yawning and feeling ripping pain. ... (57 replies)
... Well, I had my surgery on the 17th.. it felt like my scabs took forever to go away..when they started to, i couldnt drink ice cold water because it irritated my throat, and couldnt eat certain foods. So thats probably why your having trouble with it also...on the 28th I didnt need meds anymore, and I ate a full meal that night. Yes, sometimes I did feel like food got stuck... (57 replies)
... So when you magically felt better, were all your scabs gone, and how long had they ALL been gone for? I still have 30-50% of them (the whitish gooey patches). Today is day 10 and I still need meds to eat and drink. Water which was previously fine irritates and burns, my previously safe mac n cheese now stings and so im eating more, but only because everyhting hurts, so it... (57 replies)

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