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... Does anyone know what to do to get rid of the white stones that appear in your throat? ... (13 replies)
... I first had tonsil stones in college 20 years ago. I found that i got them when i drank coffee and sometimes just when i got stressed. ... (13 replies)
... It is being thought of lately by many that their is a misconception with the stones causing bad breath though...I mean these stones don't smell usually until they are crushed. You may want to explore other possibilities to the bad breath aside from just the stones. ... (13 replies)

... Until I had my tonsils removed 6 years ago I had nasty tonsil stones. And yes, I was concerned with bad breath. I don't know HOW many times I'd be talking, sitting there and one would pop out and I'd accidentally mash it with my teeth or tongue. And they smelled putrid. The ENT who removed my tonsils indicated that the infection (white gunk) was sooooo deep that he had to... (13 replies)
... I get these stones if that's what you call them except I have a lump on my left side of my throat I wonder if that's the culprit? ... (13 replies)
... will the ENT remove your tonsils just because you have stones are do you need another reason? ... (13 replies)
... my moms a dentist and says tonsil stones are a combination of plaque and mucus the best way to reduce them is by brushing like you should and also make sure u brush your tongue good i dont know if its true but when i didnt brush my tongue i got them a lot when i started brushing it instead of just using mouth wash i got them a lot less you can try that and if that doesnt work... (13 replies)
... i had this too. my doctor called it "cheese" i had to get my tonsils and adenoids removed. when the ENT took the tonsils out she said they literally exploded open with tons and tons of the stuff... no matter how much you pick at it, theres tons still in there (13 replies)
... I have that all the time i just take a tooth pick and pull them out after a while it goes away but it comes back in like a week (13 replies)
... s he would take out my tonsils for me whenever I want, but I think I'd rather just keep digging than put myself through more surgery. I've had 3 sinus surgeries in the last 2 years and in two weeks I have my 4th and hopefully final sinus surgery. This one is major surgery, not outpatient. ... (13 replies)
... Since I can't punch that doctor in the nose for you, I will tell you how I have been taking care of my Tonsil stones. But, please, never go to that doctor again. What a creep. ... (4 replies)
... I have the stabing pain too. I tell the doc. They just blow it off. Just like my tonsil stones. They just blow it off. Who wants to go around with stabing pains in ears and nasty white stones in throat. I hate it when they say "I don't know".If I find out I will post you. ... (4 replies)
... The lumps is right in the tonsil area. I spit out tonsil stones all the time and this is always there though it used to be much smaller. It also looks as if it is flat not a round ball like a tonsil stone. Much like a pimple. ... (4 replies)
... or in a separate area? ... (4 replies)
... they are calcified deposits that form in small pockets in your tonsils. ... (1 replies)
... I just went to the ENT and explained that I've gargled with salt water, mouthwash and nothing seems to help. I was also concerned because my tonsils actually started to bleed a little bit when one of those suckers would break off. When he removed mine he indicated the tonsils were FULL of infection that went very deep. The right side was much bigger than the left -- about... (13 replies)
... some will, some won't, from what I understand the restrictions with insurance are getting stricter, therefore there must be more of a reason as sick as I was for the past 5 years or so, I had to go to a second ent to take mine out after constant antibiotics and steriods didn't make me well (13 replies)
... This is so good. I never even knew what they were. I was getting kind of worried aswel. Its such as relief! And I have a lump on one side aswel, which is causing them! (13 replies)
... My husband has these. On a pretty regular basis, he pushes them out with the end of a Q-tip (cotton removed). He's very careful, and it's a regular part of his routine now. He was checked out by an ENT, assured it's nothing to be concerned about, and now just deals with it. I agree with the notion, though, that the gunk seems a good thing to be without. :yawn: (13 replies)
... I too have tonsil stones though not that my doctor or ENT consultant could care. Due to get tonsils removed on March 7th. ... (50 replies)

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