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Hello everyone! Okay, this is my first time seeking online support.

I'm a seventeen year old girl, and I have been struggling with anorexia nervosa for about three years. I've had more than one hospitalization and two lengthy inpatient stays, with a lot of quasi-recovery and relapse in and between. I have had some overexercise tendencies, and minimal purging and laxative abuse, but mostly I am a restrictive type.

I have been out of my most recent hospitalization for about three months now. When I got home, I dropped weight immediately, but I was still a healthy bmi, so I wasn't concerned. This is ridiculous. I'm still cold and always hungry, and I want to eat something but I can't gain anymore weight as I'm already technically healthy ?!? I'm so confused and sick of this.

I want health, energy, happiness, and for this NOT to be what takes up my entire life anymore.

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