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[QUOTE=money1]Hello - I have always been over weigh. I'm 145lbs now and still want to lose ten more, but it's getting harder. I do not want to gain it back. The last couple of months when I eat the fatty foods, I go to the bathroom and u know what happens after that. I just do want gain the weight back. What can I do? It's this happening because I was ALWAYS over weigh.

Thanks for listening[/QUOTE]

It's the beginning of an eating disorder. You need to control yourself and stop while you are still in the early stages of it. If you can't get a handle of it now, you'll be addicted to doing this. You'll always perceive yourself as always overweight even if you end up at 50 pounds and nearly dead. That's how it works. You keep thinking you need to lose weight but you will never obtain the perfect weight in your head.

Eating disorders always originate in your head. It's how you perceive yourself. If you don't have a healthy body image, you are more likely to do something like this. I suggest if you can't start controlling this now, you need to seek help before this becomes more serious and uncontrollable.

145 lbs is not bad at all (It sounds very healthy and normal!) and I personally feel you *don't* need to lose weight. However, if you do want to lose more weight, I suggest you do it step by step. Make simple goals that you can realistically complete. Try maybe losing 1-2 pounds in a period of two to three weeks with a healthier diet and light exercise. Trying to lose all 10 pounds in a week is not realistic and you will become frustrated and result in going to the bathroom. Losing weight requires committment on your part and is hard work, so if you really want to become fit, sign up at a gym with a personal trainer. There are a lot of options for weight loss (Atkins, The Zone, South Beach, etc.), but binging and purging is the worst option to pick.

No matter what size a person is, he/she is beautiful. Don't think that size and looks are what solely makes a person, their personality is what truly shines. This weight issue is something the media has blown out of proportion and what others have manipulated to get money.

I hope this helps. Sorry if I just ended up lecturing. Good luck!!

- Zodee

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