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Thank you very much for the congrats, you two!!!! :*

Deep in thought, I think you definitely have a point. I probably should have told my doctor about my history on my first visit, but it's something I've always wanted to keep quiet about. Ugh... now that I think about it there might have even been a little box to check off on the survey they gave me at my first visit, to tell them if I had a history of an eating disorder. Knowing me I almost definitely wouldn't have checked it off either. Blah. I've got to stop being so quick to push away the chances I have to make things easier on myself.

Even while I was dying of anorexia, I never really opened up to my doctors, my psychologist, my psychiatrist, or my parents about anything I was going through. It's not something I'm proud of, but to this day, they don't really even know for sure that I had an eating disorder because I was so damn good at hiding things (it was incredibly obvious, but I never admitted to anything). In all my years of struggling with my recovery, I've only actually told 3 people. So yeah... even though it's something I think about a lot, for some reason I rarely seem to feel the need to tell anyone about it... even when it's necessary. That's definitely something I need to work past.

That suggestion is a really good idea though. I would like to talk to a dietician. I'll try really hard to work up the guts to talk to my doctor about it. I definitely can't affoard to be a wuss when it comes to the wellbeing of my child.

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