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I am in the same boat....I have put on 12 lbs since thanksgiving.I have been baking cookies waking up sick in the morning from indigestion from eating so many!!!! I get ticked off when i get dressed I hate getting dressed for the day..All of my pants are tighter already!!! I have been going through tremendous stress with my job ESP..and my family life is just falling apart!!!I know this is why im doing this and i know i am gonna be mad come morning but i still keep eating!!!!! I weighed myself at my moms about a month ago or little more i weighed 134 and was jumping up n down with glee....I havent been that weight in probably 9 or 10 years...I weighed my self just the other night and i am up 12 lbs already!!!! I am only 5ft usual weight i can stay the steadiest at is 155lbs but have gone to 180 lbs and stayed before for a couple of years...I know how hard this is gonna be to take off yet i cant stop self medicating w/food..I threw my scale away a couple of years ago when i noticed my then 10 yr old D/D was using it daily and it was depressing her ...It depressed me also so i threw it away!!!I just didnt care.Now i am on the rollercoaster again and so is my D/D ..Instead of buying a scale i am obsessed with going to my moms and weighing in!!!! The holidays are tough ESP if your life is upsidedown like mine is right now..We will get through these days and get back on track ..I just know it!!!! Until then its stretch pants for this girl..I cant fix everything right now,,
I am sure i will wish i did after the holidays but for now I have to find another job make decisions about whether or not to go out on my own w/my 2 kids ETC...The ironic part of my E/D is i have a membership at a work out place i just havent gone in a very long time and am still paying for it....I dont seem to have energy by evening to go workout i cant go in the mornings because i work so i will waste some more money and listen to my hubby complain.I have beebn to bp boards as well i think i got a whole lot more going on than just food isssues surprise surprise huh..

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