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[QUOTE=Dance4jc][COLOR=Indigo]Hey Gal,
With as much activity as you do, not eating enough is exactly why you don't have a lot of energy. A few questions, have you always been as active as you have been since you took off the weight, and have you grown at all since July. Also, what body types are your parents. All these things play a factor in your weight. If you remain active you are not very likely to gain that much weight if you introduce more calories into your diet. You may gain a couple of pounds, but all of us go up and down a few pounds. The best suggestion I can give you is eat when you are hungry. If you starve your body, it is going to start eating away at your muscle mass and as an athlete you don't want that. :dizzy: You're 14, try not to worry about your weight, enjoy being a kid and learn this early, [B]your happiness is not dependent on the number on your scale.[/B] [/COLOR][/QUOTE]

THanks for the help. Also, my hands are cold a lot of the time...feet too. And I haven't had my period in like 3 months. I read in other things those are anorexic damages. I dont want to be this skinny and if i gain more weight will this stuff go away? I don't want to have an eating disorder or anorexia and i would never like throw my food up. I never stopped eating i just took out junk food and excess snacking u know. im really worried now I dont want to have an eating disorder or be to skinny, do i?

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