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Why is everyone laughing at you? Think about it. Everyone is not laughing at you, a lot of it is probably in your mind. What do you like to do, what makes you happy? I am a nutrition major, adn I can tell you that there are not too choices strave and be kinda thin adn eat and be obese. THats silly! Think about it. I a a Senoir in college so I know that its rough, but this is when its essentail to have a strong support system. Look to your friends and let them know whats up, your friends often are the ones that see the amazing qualities in you that you are overlooking since you are so obsessed with body image. If you are Christain, then you already know that we live in a fallen world, and that Satan is very real. He wants all to destroy our faith, adn eventually take our lives. It makes me sick to see how horribly successful he is. Just read through some of the articles on this page. I have a friend who looks like shes about to die of aneroxia, and I was aneroxic for about 2 years back when I was 12. SO what are you a college student to do?
WEll it won't be easy, people are going to be really nice adn some people are going to be *** holes, thats the way it works. But focues on becoming the best person you can be and cling to what makes you happy. I love running and spending time with my boyfriend and teammates. I also enjoy doing well in school. Because I am a long distance runner people frequently call be "obsessive, skinny, etc." But AS LONG AS YOU ARE HOLISTICALLY HEALHTY YOU MUST LEARN TO ACCEPT YOURSELF. nothing is as good for your self esteem as doing something great. Are you into art, movies, writing, dancing? Whatever it is attack it with energy adn passion, adn remember (this is coming from years of expericen and only a few credit hours away from a degree) Feed your body, do cardio 45-60 mintues 3-4 times a week lift moderate weights 3-4 times a week, and you'll find yourself healthier and happier.
YOUR WAY too YOUNG to be caught in the body image trap/ ENJOY college it goes by fast!
PLEASE take care of yourself.

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