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Re: Teeth!!
Jan 17, 2004
it's actually your tooth enamel (i think) that erodes away and yes it is from your stomach acid...and if you brush your teeth right after you throw up it makes it worse...because the acid will be on your teeth and brushing them just makes the enamel erode even the best thing to do is to wait like...i forgot how long...but prob. like 10-30 min. to brush your teeth after you throw up...thats what my doctor told me, he specializes in EDs

oh also theres this pill...the purple pill...i think its called nextrium or something (not sure). its for acid reflux disease but what it does is like decrease the amount of stomach acid in your stomach so throwing up wont be so hard on your doc is thinking about prescribing it to me...but anyways hope i helped!

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