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Hiya Jessie, :wave:
You have described exactly how my eating disorder started. I just ate one meal, normally in the evening. I thought it would make me thin. What I didn't realise is that your body shifts into starvation mode when you do this. I couldn't lose weight then and it made me feel so bad. So I cut back further to 300cals a day, then 200, now 100 calories per day. I go for days at a time without eating if I can. I use laxatives and Ipecac syrup to purge anything I eat too. I exercise all the time. My body is fighting to keep hold of every pound. What exercise it would take to burn one pound no longer applies to me. I have to exercise twice or three times as hard because my body is not working efficiently enough to burn the weight off. I get irritable, tired, dizzy, pass out.
The reason I have told you this is to show how easily this can progress to whole new levels. Please don't allow this to happen. I am 23 and 5'6 so we are similar in age and height. I have specifically chosen not to tell you how much weight I have lost or what I now weigh because the truth is it no longer has anything to do my weight.
If you really feel you want to lose a few pounds then go to see a nutritionist and they will help you coordinate a safe and healthy plan. Your body deserves to be nourished well. I would also suggest that you should maybe talk to someone about this, now before it gets worse. These things run away with you Jessie and before you know it you have lost your way back.
It happened with me and most of the people on this board too. The truth is that if we could have seen each other we would have said 'You look fine, you don't need to lose weight'. You probably look fine too. But what matters is that you don't feel fine. You feel bad about yourself and this is how you are acting to that pain.
Please seek help and comfort NOW. The longer you leave it, the harder and more difficult it becomes to get the help you need.
Let us know how you are.
Take care.
Hugs from Aurora xoxo

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