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Hey there Epiphany, how are you? Well..I know ALL about the loss of my "monthly thing" last one was in August. I'm about 5'6 or 5'7ish (I'm guessing about 5'7 now) and my last one was when I was at about 110 lbs. Before this it had been 2 1/2 months in between my obviously my body knew it was beginning to lose weight and attempting to adjust. Currently I'm at 88-90 lbs...and of course...still no monthly friend. I do eat...quite often too...but I suffer from orthorexia (obsession with eating healthy) anorexia (feeling that I'm never at a low enough weight) restrictive eating (all of that sounds a bit confusing, huh? lol) I'm not too sure about what a gyno would say or suggest (most likely to gain weight). I have had blood tests and my estrogen etc. seems okay, but that doesn't mean too much when you don't have enough body fat to keep your "friend" around. Whenever a females body experiences stress, sometimes vigorous excercise (in the process of losing weight) or severe weight loss (and not enough body fat), the body recognizes that it is not a stabile environment to support a baby in..and therefore your menses disappear. For more information you can look up secondary amenorrhea online. Basically, unless you gain some weight, or for some (if you aren't at the point of being extremely underweight)...if you begin to maintain your weight, your menses may return. Birth control may be an option...but I do know that for some it does not always work to jump start cycles again and you still have to gain some weight etc. to get them going again, but then again..the birth control may cause weight gain as a side effect. I'm not too sure about the chances of pregnancy later on in life (I myself am wondering this too). I have read stories of women losing their period and re-starting it years later....but I have heard stories of it not returning also. I have also heard of various drugs you can take later on in life to help your chances at pregnancy, but these too may have various side effects (such as the chance of multiple births). Hope I was of some help, take care!

~*~blue eyed angel~*~

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