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Hey Euro, no offence my dear, but really that is an eating disorder. Not every anorexic will have a distorted body image and a desire to be severely underweight. There are other criteria that define eating disorders. Such as cutting out huge food groups, being underweight, fearing eating, etc. I don't know how underweight you are, but even if you aren't, what you are describing constitutes disordered eating habits or maybe an ed nos.
So I have to ask, are you getting any help with this problem, or do you plan to be scared of food forever?
Big hugs from H xoxox :bouncing:
Ok, well about your list,

I havent cut in a few days, havent purged in a few hours, everyone skips meals, I don't have a distorted body image - i am fat, ive slept ok the last couple of nights and where did the depressed part come from?

Really not looking forward to tomorrow. Not only do I have a day of stupid science SATs but everyones going to be bugging me about what a b***h I am for not making up with this mate. Well she told two people I had an eating disorder behind my back a while ago when I thought I did. What does she expect? that I'd turn around and say 'Oh its ok, I don't mind, I really don't care if you tell one of my best mates and a person I hate behind my back, I don't mind that I can't trust you' I duno, I guess I should just get over it but it really got to me that she didnt even tell me about it. Anyway i'm guna shut up now!!! good luck tomorrow H and i hope everyones ok!

Emily x

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