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Emsie you are sooooooo sweet. You always think of everyone else. :)
I am glad you caught up a bit on sleep, and I understand where you are coming from about can't be bothered to go to bed, but its really important you try. Sleep deprivation really can cause many side effects. Long term it takes a heavy toll on your vital organs, oh and incidentally your headaches are likely to be because of it.
As for me, well I have been really trying to eat my 205 calories but I am finding it tough. I feel like I am eating way too much food. The doctors say I am eating way too little. It is sending me crazy. Then yesterday we had visitors and I had to eat in front of them which is so hard for me. I usually eat alone. So I ate a little bit and felt like every mouthful was killing me, but I had to pretend to be enjoying the conversation. Then I just knew I had to get rid of the food so I was gonna walk the puppy and purge then, but they decided to walk with me. So I took loads of laxatives instead and thats why I am suffering. I have such bad stomach cramp now, and I am really shaky and lightheaded. I think it dehydrated me too much, but I'm scared to drink much in case I weigh more. And I have another doctors appointment in the morning and I am praying it won't have affected my heart rate, because they sure have been threatening to sign me off work against my wishes. So thats what happened with me. But I'll be fine, I'll get over it. Sorry for going on about me!
Incidentally there is no way you have actually put on two pounds of fat since yesterday so you just have a little water fluctuation, possibly because you went riding yesterday and it was using muscles that haven't been used in a while. Thats normal so don't worry.
Hugs from H xoxo :angel:

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