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Re: HELP!! bulimia
Mar 7, 2004
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2]First of all i just wanted to say that nobody can really tell you they know how you feel unless theyve literally been through what your going through. The only thing they can do is give you support and try to help. I know how you feel. i know what its like to be over weight. i know whats its like to be picked on and made fun of. I know how it feels to stay up all night analyzing your next diet that will have you looking great by summer. I know how it feels to just want to be noticed as you walk in the halls. i know how it feels to wish you could fit into the cute skinny cloths. i know how it feels to want to look good in a bikini. I know how it feels to just wish you were so skinny your bones kinda show. I really do know...
Yes you definintly are bulimic. And ur probably anorexic to becasue most the time both go together. All i have to say is that your probably not gonna get anywhere in the long run. Being bulimic screws your metabolism all up to begin with. So when ever you decide to stop or are forced to...your gonna put on a lot of weight. It will all just go right back. You also said you wanted it gone fast. Everyone does. bu tnobody realises thats you didnt put that weight on in 2 months, you cant take it off in that time. It is so easy to gain weigth but so hard to loose it right? Wrong, it just takes time and patients and the will to loose weight. You cant expect to loose any weight when you dont bother waching what you put into your body and sit on the couch all day. Just gradually start to be actice and look at your calories once in a while. being bulimic is definintly not the way. Its messes your life up. A lot of people do it to be in control of something. And it does put you in control. You get yourself thinking youlll never have to worry about eating again becasue"you have control" over it. If you gain 5 pounds...just stick your finger down your throat, right?? Wrong. In my opinion thats the whimps way out.
I use to be bulimic. I did loose weight. I knew what it was like to be one of those skinny girls. but did it make a difference? No...because i kne wit was fake. I knew i lost the wieght the wrong way and whenever people ask me how i lost all the weight...i was embaressed. Who just wans to come out and tell somebody" I stuck my finger down my throat"??I couldnt take any credit for it. Then i gained it all back. And it has taken me 2 years to get my metabilism back straight. I read about health online. I eat healthy balanced meals a day. Im not deprived of any food as far as being a teenager goes( im 15 too. I did it when i was 13) I exercize and everything. but i dont do it to be fit and skinny. i do it because i like it. Because i have fun with it. I enjoy that kind of stuff. And i have so many people ask why i care about calories and health and junk. And its becaus ei knwo what its like to be fat and i never want to go back to that again. I know whatgot me looking that way, and i figure stop it before it happenes again. I use to just eat healthy and not exercize. I started jogging for 15 minutes a day for about a month. then as i grew stronger i started doing toning exercizes and stuff. I looked up knew cardio?toning workouts everytime mine got boring. in just 2 months i lost 10 pounds with out knowing it. And you i walked around and looked skinny. I felt skinny. You know why? Because i did it the right way. I didnt have to tell anybody i made myself throw up. And it gives you the same feeling as the bulimia. U tell yourself, you know... if i gain 5 pounds, i know how to loose it. And its the healthy way! It doesnt make youfeel guilty or fake. I continued loosing weight and now i recently had to start gainging weight becasue i was getting to thin. And the weirdest thing happened to me
I felt i wasnt in control anymore. I know longer had to watch my calories or exercize. I no longer had to care. And becasue for 3 years i was so use to that, i didnt know what to do! And thats becaus ei cant control anything else so i control that. Being bulimic made weight my lfe. And now here it is. 2 years later..and i still cant get rid of the effect it had on me. So stop now before your this way. becasue once you hav doesnt go away. it stays with you forever. or at least its effects do...[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

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