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[QUOTE=dilemma]hi char,

first of all, i wanted to say "yay!" for you sticking with your diet. :D . but try not to think of it as that. just think of it as you being good to yourself and only giving your body the best! with every bite of crisp salad greens and scrumptious chicken, you're feeding your cells exactly what they need: healthy carbs, fats and proteins, and vitamins/minerals too!! keep it up, i'm proud of you! (and that's [I]not[/I] conditional. no matter what, i'm here cheering you on, okay? i want to be here for you whether you're having a good day or a not so good day :) )

sorry about this, but i'm going to have to rant...

argh!! i'm so mad at myself today! :mad: the day was going great, the weather was amaaaaaaazing, and then at dinner i fell into my old habits again... i do try to put only healthy things on my plate, and i do try to stop at one helping, but then the little voice in my head has to go and ruin everything!!! it just won't keep quiet, and i feel like i should be chained or handcuffed to my chair so that i won't get up and get something else. actually, they might need to bolt the chair to the ground so as to prevent my dragging it up to the food :rolleyes: . then after dinner, i had the urge to eat more. it's always after i overeat a little that i want to eat more. it's like i can't even think about food without wanting some, you know? and that's a really bad thing, cuz most of the time, i AM thinking about food. so i went to go get cookies and chocolate and now my teeth hurt and my stomach is yelling at me. *sigh*. i know i need to try harder. and i know i should stay positive, but sometimes i just don't want to. no, i take that back. i DO want to, but how do i make my actions and thoughts agree with what's in my heart? how can i do what's best for myself and my body? :( . it's so silly. here i am giving advice on how to avoid bingeing, but when it comes to myself, i just go for it. i'm walking up to get more food in the dining hall, or i'm walking to the store to buy food, and on my way, i'm thinking, you know you don't need this. you're not even hungry. you don't even LIKE the food. WHY ARE YOU GOING UP AND GETTING MORE?? WHY ARE YOU PUTTING IT IN YOUR MOUTH? but i ignore all of that, and it's like i'm almost eating to shut the thoughts up. but i just want to know what's wrong with me, and what is making me WANT to eat in the first place. it's soooo hard. especially here at school, where i feel no one really understands. and i keep up a pretty good pretense, always smiling, and being helpful. but inside, i'm all questions. and i feel so guilty. why am i not happy? content? i have so much. a good family, parents who love me, an amazing older sister, friends both here and at home who care about me, i'm in college--learning and being exposed to so much and have so many opportunities. so why do i constantly feel like i need to fill myself up? why am i never satisfied with myself? do i even KNOW what i want? :confused: . don't worry, i start therapy next week--my first appointment is wednesday. and i'm a bit scared. but at the same time, can't wait to get started. it's like a part of me doesn't want to let go of the bad habits, you know? but then every other part is dying to break free!! it's hard for me to just go on a diet. i mean, i do want to lose this excess weight. but last year i had trouble even then. i lost a lot of weight but still wasn't "satisfied", i look at pictures now and think, wow i looked great. yet at the time, i still thought i was "fat". actually, not fat but also not thin enough. it was getting to be a different form of bad habit. but now i wish i had it back. no, i don't--i just want to be normal again, whatever that means. because no matter how big or small we get, nothing will make us happy until we love ourselves inside and out. i know that now. do you think working on the "self-love" and getting that will get rid of the eating problem automatically? perhaps it's wishful thinking. but i just want to stop having these negative thoughts.

anyhow... thanks so much for your kind words:). yes, hitting the bed with your husband in it is definitely a bad idea :nono: hehe ;) . but everything i said before is true. and i'm so glad you've come into my life as well. we can do this. i'm keeping you in my thoughts and hopefully, i will remember your words next time i want to be irrational and overeat. don't you wish sometimes we didn't have to eat to live? then we could just banish all food from our lives and get over it. but i know that wouldn't really solve anything... we'd probably end up turning to something else.

okay, have a wonderful evening!


Hi Ms Emma Dilemma
I somehow missed this post of yours - didn't mean to ignore it!! Well, here it is, Easter morning, my hubby is still sleeping ( he works swing shift at a casino where he's a slot technician. We live in NV - when you live in NV, that's what you do. You work in a casino. Ha! )

Anyhoo, my son just left to go spend some time with his gf, so the house is quiet, I'm sipping my coffee, and hoping you girls are having a wonderful Easter. I know Janice is with her fam in FL., but what about you, Em?? I hope you were able to go home and be with your fam, too. I would be soooo sad for you if you have to be alone in a dorm over Easter.

You know, you were talking about eating, and why do you eat when you're not hungry, know you shouldn't, etc. - I could have written that. That's exactly how it is for me, too - that's why they call it "compulsive" overeating. We are compelled to eat even tho we're not hungry. I'm glad you are starting therapy...I have been in therapy for about 3 months, but so far...and not to bum you or anything...but it's not doing a gosh darned thing for me AT ALL. I hope it will help YOU, tho...and if it does, you can explain to me how it helps, and why!!?? We compulsive overeaters have something inside us that says to 'just do it"...don't stop to think if you really need it, just do it because you WANT to, and think of nothing else except fulfilling the urge. I have no self-restraint. NONE!!!!!!!!! Because........I fell last night, and I fell hard......meaning, off the diet wagon. The ice cream SCREAMED at me from the freezer!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo angry at myself!!!! And I feel so bad, because now I feel like I've failed you girls, too. I feel that, because I'm old enough to be your mothers, that I should be setting a good example here...and I've wanted to help you girls more than I have even wanted to help myself. In fact, that maybe by helping you both, I could help myself, too. You girls are sooo young, you have long and happy lives ahead of you. I soooo hate seeing you both suffering like this at such a young age. I was a pudge as a teen, too, and it wasn't fun having friends who were ALL slim. I felt so....alone, and out of place. Even then I dieted, too, but NEVER could seem to get down to their sizes, usually about an 8, while I never made it past a 14 from a 16, tho I could stuff myself into a 12 if it ran big. :rolleyes: But I do remember how hard it was, when all my slim friends and I would go to the hangout after school (like a Mc Donalds-type place) and they would eat fries, cokes, even hamburgers or shakes, and I didn't dare. I have to say that, back then, I wasn't compulsive about eating...that has only been in recent years, and when I recognized that I had a MAJOR problem with food.

Maybe the reason you are a compulsive overeater is because of stress. It's not easy to be away from family, to have to be on your own, worry about tests and you turn to food as comfort. Food IS a comfort, unfortunately. It reminds us of home and mothers who cooked it. Even now, and even tho I have been motherless since I was 24...a LONG time ago....I still want the foods she used to cook, and have the ice cream that was always plentiful in the freezer. Sigh....

I wish I had the answers, but I don't. I do continue to feel that we just have to take it one meal at a time. To try to ignore that voice inside of us ( I have it, too) that urges us on, and that doesn't stop until we have silenced it with food. I do sooooo understand everything that you wrote. All we can do is keep trying, trying, and trying some more...never stop trying!! And maybe, who knows, some day we will be in control...and eat to live, and not live to eat. I want so desperately to find that day. I have to trust that's ahead somewhere, and that we will all get there.

Well, I hope you have a very Happy Easter!!! Write when you can , Ms Emma Dilemma, and you, too, Janice!!!

[QUOTE=Aurora]Hello peeps, :wave: ,
I am not really understanding how you all keep saying you are proud of me. For what, I'm the idiot who starved herself to the point of emaciation. Who suddenly decided to chicken out before I got to my ideal look.
Char-broiled HAhahahahahahah, I love it! Anyway Pampompom in answer to your question my darling husband finds it a struggle to cope with me sometimes. He gets so sad and scared that he will lose me. I use food as a weapon too when I am irritable eg, 'Well if you hadn't said that maybe I would have eaten something but now I just can't bear to.' So as you see I am an evil b***h from hell. I feel like I spend my whole life apologising for being so grumpy all the time. My husband spends the whole time teliing me it doesn't matter. But it does matter, and if I am truthful then I am only getting help because of him. Which may not make it easy in the long run as I think you really need to want it yourself.
Anyway, yes if I ask a question about you then I do want to see your answer. You can't come and dish out all this advice and be the one helping everyone else. Thats how your life is currently, you came on here so you could have your say too! ;)
So ok its not going that well for you at the moment. So we need to think how to tackle it differently. Ok so I have some questions but don't answer if you don't want to. Do you binge on specific foods, like the ice cream that you mentioned previously? The reason I ask is that there is a theory that if binge eaters can bear to surround themselves with lots of junk food but also lots of fresh fruit, then after a couple of weeks they start to crave the more healthy stuff. They did a really big study into it. The idea is to really stock up your cupboards. Then you start to see you don't have to finish that last ice cream tub, or bar of chocolate, because there is always more there. Too much even for you to binge it all. I don't know if it makes sense, maybe you could search the net to see if you can read up the theory. I read it in a book a while back, so I'll try to remember the name of it.
Quenchbench - Charcoal is right. I believe in self-fulfiling prophecies. But even if you don't, you cant be expected to support your parents when you get older. You will be having a family of your own and your money will be needed to buy yourself and your family a home and whatever else you require.
Em, I really think you should get some more sleep sweetie. Glad you like the myths of the english, more coming soon....
Hope you are all ok
Big hugs from H xoxoxo :bouncing:[/QUOTE]

Hiya Aury!!!

Before I forget, I wanted to tell you something you said in a post about 2 back. It was your response to what I had said about you "running, screaming out the door". In the response post, you said that you did have some thoughts about "upping and leaving", but at first I misread that - I thought you said you had thoughts about "upping and heaving"...I actually stopped to reread and then chuckled a bit.....I am so WICKED....because upping and heaving, of course, could have fit as well. I do hope you see a bit of humor in that...I am NOT making fun, please understand...I just hope you understand what I'm trying to say about the puns!!!!!

And I love Pampompom...and do I detect a bit of hidden meaning in that? For when I think of pom poms, I think of cheering, and I do try to cheer people on a bit, because we all do need it so much. And you are VERY courageous - you did not "chicken out" - it was courage that caused you go into recovery, to try to stop the inevitable, had you continued on this path. And what is this word "idiot"?????? WHO is the person who says we should not be do down on ourselves????? Because then I'm an idiot, too, for allowing what has happened to my grotesque body. We have ED's - we are intelligent people who somehow meandered on a bit of a self-destructive path, we are/were lost, need to find our way back....and recognize that even intelligent people lose their way sometimes.

Oh MYYYYY, I am at a loss for words re your hub, and all you said re food as a weapon. It was difficult to read, my dear, but at least I'm certain that while that was an amazing admission, I know you know that..........I know you know.

Thank you soooo much for your concern and interest in me, and your thoughts about fruit, etc. Actually, I do love fruit, veggies, too - a bit od a dychotomy, hmmm? I have lots of these on hand and I eat them because I must...but I also love potatoes, rice dishes, pasta, steak, fried chicken, etc, etc. The biggest problem is that I am soooo hungry by night, so I eat too much...and night is the worst time to be ravenous, of course. And then because I'm up late, and because I adore ice cream....well, I do fill the bowl with is more of a habit, I think, but such a pleasurable one. Every day I say I will NOT eat ice cream....but by night......the resolve fades to oblivion. Yes, there are other better options in the fridge....I just don't CRAVE them. And I can't keep ice cream out of the house, because I have a very thin hub who enjoys it, but never gains. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! And when I have been on diets in the past, and stick with lean things and fruits a veggies, weeks of being on the diet, the horrible craving for all that I shouldn't eat NEVER subsides. It is why I am fat, and why this is an ED. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why I am in awe of you...awesome Aura......AWErora!!!! And I must also tell you that I'm sooooo enjoying getting to know you. You have made strides to beat your ED, and by so doing, you inspire me. It's 10am here, so hopefully you have made it thru another day with terrific success!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry if I have offended you or anything. I believe you when you say that you wouldn’t do any of that stuff, however, I’m just afraid that I’m gonna disappoint you somehow. And that you might think I wasn’t taking you seriously or something. And although you say that there’s no right or wrong way in doing this, I can’t help but think that well—say, if the calorie count was too high you might go, “What is she—crazy??” or if it were too low, you might go, “That’s not considered bingeing. What is she talking about?” or if it were normal, then you might not believe me. And as for the reason for turning to food, I can’t exactly come up with any. And so, already I can picture myself answering, “Because it was breakfast time, therefore, I had to eat.” And I worry that that isn’t good enough of an explanation and that you might think that I was mocking you and being ignorant, and hence you might torment me or whatever. But you certainly haven’t done so prior… or have you? ;) Joking! I apologize if I made it sound that way. Anyway, I think I’ll post everything at once at the end of the week—you know to make everyone’s life easier. Lemme see. It’s 9pm here, and so FAR, I have no intentions to binge. I guess your “monitoring” might actually prevent me from bingeing. :p But perhaps its better to forget I’m being “monitored” so that I can just be myself and do what I normally do, but it’s hard ‘cause I’m concern as to what y’all might think and stuff. And as for being honest—that I can do. :D

Lady Grey:
Hello, there and welcome! You've made some excellent points and suggestions which are all true. It is certainly important to keep the healthy foods in mind, but there's something about healthy foods. They're just not has tempting as, for example, a chocolate bar or a scoop of ice cream, yah know? But nonetheless, still important--absolutely. I'm delighted to hear that you've successfully overcome, or is currently overcoming this. Goes to show that it IS possible. Keep up the good work![/QUOTE]

Hi, my little Quench -

Sweetie pie, you are making waaaay more of this eating/logging when & why thing than you should be. I didn't want this to be difficult or put stress on you, and if I am, then we'll just poop can the whole thing. You have enough pressure now with school and school work - maybe we should just wait until school's over? Or, we don't have to do this at all if it's going to upset you in any way. Sooooo not my intent!!! And I didn't want you to have to figure out anything for yourself, nor worry about it. Just write down exactly what you eat, when, and what you were doing/thinking right before you ate. That's it, nothing more nothing less, and to just be totally honest about it. This isn't about making you feel bad in ANY way - if anything, it's to HELP you!!! MAYBE!!! I don't know yet, it was just an idea of mine, only because I care about you, and because I know you've been VERY upset with yourself. I can't stress enough that this isn't to make you feel bad in any way, not to mock you, not to accuse you of not being accurate in what you write (and if you're NOT accurate, this whole things a waste of time, right??) and not to "MONITOR" you. YOU are monitoring yourself, if anything. As I said, this isn't a test, sweetie, it's not to make you feel bad, embarrass you,
and most CERTAINLY not to torment you. What kind of an ogre would I be?? And of course, there will be at least 3 times a day when it's meal time, so of course, you'll say what you ate, and because it was...breakfast, lunch, or dinnertime. But, as I've said, if you'd rather wait until you're done with school, then that's fine. Or, if you don't want to do this at all, that's fine, too. YOU decide, OK?? It was only a silly idea of mine, and only meant to MAYBE help, and ONLY!! because I care about you, Quencherama!!!!!!

Hope you're having a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!


I think I have a solution to your computer problem-- for both the color distortion and size distortion. But one last question, are you using Windows XP? And do you have a mouse with a scroll?
A power outage usually doesn't do anything unfriendly to your computer. I lived through the blackout of 2003. :D But anyway, the only real way it can affect the computer is if it were ON during the outage. That would yield unrecoverable files, and an improper shutdown. Nothing too major, though. It's equilvalent to just pushing the "restart" button. (Not via START, I mean). And as for computers. I learned the hard way, too. Everything I know--or I think I know-- is self-taught. So, it's normal to not know what to do when there's a problem. You're pretty good with the descriptions; there's no doubt there. :)

I think I know why I eat normally during the day. It's because school is keeping me occupied, and I'm not really supposed to eat during class. I have a lunch period at 12:10. And RE breakfast, I can't really sit down to eat a typical one. I wake up too late for that. So, I find that making a ham sandwich the night before, leaving it in the fridge, and just grabbing it for the go is the easiest solution for me. I eat on the train ride. ;)

There are usually no leftovers from what mom brings home. We all have a habit of eating everything on the plate so as to not to waste food. And whatever we don't eat, we throw out because it wouldn't be good the next day or because there's too little left over to be worth keeping. We don't have a microwave/oven so there's no efficient way of reheating, except for recooking it. And who has time for that? :) And the thing is, every night when my mom gets home, she asks me, "What do you wanna eat?" And I tell her, "I already ate" and then she goes, "AGAIN?" and then she asks what I ate, and I don't really give a direct answer, so she probably thinks I'm lying or something. And so she gives me food anyway. And whatever she gives, I eat, argh. She's always telling me to eat MORE because it'll help me grow taller. Sometimes, she'll tell me that I'm too skinny. (Yeah, right.) And yet, at the same time, she tells me to not eat too much because it'll make me fatter. And yet, at the same time, she's always trying to stuff things down my throat! I don't know. She's contradicting herself!! And unlike you, she uses food as a reward. She tells me, for ex, "If you be good to your godg-ma, then I'll take you out for dinner at your favorite restaurant." And me, being me, I take it. (I dislike my godgma very much, btw. I didn't want her in the family in the first place. She just recently joined it. And now every weekend, I need to sleep on the same bed as she, and it's just argh.) I don't think either of my parents know that my weight gain is bothering me, or that it's due to all this bingeing. They have NO idea. But I know for sure that they know I AM gaining weight. My dad's all-too-frequent-not-so-nice comments and my mom's reaction when I got onto a scale. Well, that tells it all. "So heavy??" she asks.

And yeah, the Chinese food they serve at restaurants and whatnot are not authentic at all. :) They use excess oil/flavoring to make the foods look and taste better. And almost everything is somehow fried! They always find a way to throw it in a large pan and then "mix 'em" because that is the easiest way for the food to be cooked the quickest/most efficient. I know because my best friend's parents have a restuarant and I use to hang out around the kitchen. :D My mom doesn't buy take-out all too often. What I meant by "bringing home food" was she brings home stuff raw, and then cooks it, lol. So hence, she's bringing food home. She makes fish like... every day, and veggies too. But I don't really enjoy eating cooked vegetables. (Maybe except spinach). I actually like them raw. Celery, carrots, pickles, tomatoes, apples, oranges, pears, water melons, melon dews, cantaloups, bananas, peaches, plums, kiwis, apricots, strawberries, grapes, starfruits-- I like 'em ALL. But the thing is, we usally have one fruit at a time. Like, one week, we'll have a bag of apples, and the next we'll have a dozen bananas, but we never really have a true variety. No rainbow, here. (Remember that??) ;) And as for fish. I don't really like fish-- except for one kind that I don't know the name of. Tuna's good, though, but my family isn't a fan of those.

As for school, I still have another month to go. And I SO dread it. I have SOOOOOOO many exams coming up, argh!!! Finals in ALL subjects on TOP of all the state-wide exams, which btw, I STILL haven't started studying for. I am STILL on page 5, haha. I spent the whole year slacking off--not because I'm lazy, tho-- but because I just didn't and still don't, have the energy/motivation to get myself to keep trying or even started like I used to. This, by far, has been the WORST school year ever in my life. And I have the grades to prove it.

As for the summer, I would REALLY like another job, but I'm too afraid to go and find another one. And I don't want to work in a whole new environment with new people, and have to go through the process of making aquaintance with co-workers and all that. And I SO fear rejection, and an interview too!! (First job didn't require an interview). I just wish I could work where I worked at before!! Everyone there made me feel special-- like I was needed/wanted and I belonged there. And I had SO much authority. In a one month's time, I was in control of the main register, and could basically do whatever I wanted. I was even able to order a 43 year old around, and the boss would be on MY side. I miss it SO much. Plus, I lost 10 pounds working there. How much more can I ask for? ;) And I would also like to add that I didn't have this problem with food during this time!! Argh.
Aside from working, tho, I REALLY want to take skating lessons, but that's out of the question. It's too much money for my parents, and even THEY say I'm too old. It's also useless. And they don't want me coming home with broken leg. Me, I'm willing to take that chance, but apparently they don't, so there's nothing more I can do about that. :(
What are YOUR plans for the summer? Are you doing anything special with your family?

As for your icecream, well, I would SAY 3-4 scoops isn't too bad. Compare to my version of icecream, anyway, HAHA. But 1/2 cup is usually one serving. And one serving of chocolate icecream I would say shouldn't exceed 160 calories!! I think I said this before, but how about chopping a banana in there?? That way, it LOOKS more. Bury them at the bottom. You can substitute one banana for one scoop. Make a banana-split. Add some strawberries, as well. Fool yourself, you know? :D
[QUOTE=Quencher]Yeah, I hope I can find a job, too, haha. That previous one did wonders for me. I actually started to “hang out” with my co-workers at some point—going to movies and all that. I was the youngest worker there. I was 15, and everyone else was in their late 20’s or early 30’s. And everyone treated me like a little kid, which I actually adored. :o But unfortunately the store closed down. What luck, huh? And now we’ve all lost contact.

I was actually referring to inline-skating, but I like ice-skating equally as much. :D I already know how to skate, both inline and ice, but I would like to improve on it. Instead of just going forwards/backwards and jumping all over the place like a lunatic, I would actually like to try the “U-ramps” and the other more tough & challenging courses. I think I can do it, but if only my parents would let me try!!! Argh. And you sound like a pretty nifty skater yourself. How about exercising in that sense?? :)
RE saving money for lessons myself, well—all the money I earn goes to my father. He keeps all the checks. The only money I really keep is my birthday/Christmas money. And I use that for other things, like clothing.

Yeah, I guess it [I]does[/I] seem as if I can tell my mom more of what I tell my dad. However, whatever I tell HER, it’s gonna circulate to my dad within the next 24 hours. I’m pretty certain of that. She tells him EVERYTHING. :eek: My mom has a tendency to buy whatever’s on sale and a LOT at once, so yep—I get sick of them quickly. I usually eat dinner around 9/10PM, and then go to bed at 12/1am. So, I guess there is a bit of a time difference. BUT, I sometimes eat AFTER dinner, too, haha. I try EVERY DAY to save my stomach until dinnertime, but it’s simply TOO long of a wait for me. I get home around 4, so that’s basically SIX hours of waiting!! I’ve tried countless times, but it just doesn’t work.

So, you’ve never seen an overweight Chinese person? Wow, I find that hard to believe, but I DO believe you. I just find it weird, because I see quite a few of them here. In Hong Kong, however, EVERYONE’S skinny. I guess it’s just a New York thing?

Ahhh nooooo. I don’t wanna be done growing!!!!!! :( That’s such a hard concept for me accept. I still have hope to reach at least 5’5.5”!!! Just 5.5 more inches to go. Argh. Can I stretch myself? Hahaha. I wish there were miracle pills that actually WORK.

I think both of my parents have completely forgotten about my vision. It’s been 3 years since the day I got my eyes check during that physical for the track team. I think they think that I’ve ‘recovered.’ Plus, they’re not gonna do anything about it. They’ll just ignore/yell at me and tell me it’s MY fault like last time. All the "I told you so" speeches. Because in a sense, I DO sorta blame myself. I mean, if I didn’t work at the computer so much, then maybe my eyes wouldn’t be so bad?? They’ve warned me before numerous times. “Don’t go on the computer so much. If your eyes go bad, don’t be blaming and come crawling to us!” and yaddie yah. But, I didn’t listen. :( If only I didn’t take my vision for granted beforehand and just LISTENED. I didn’t mention this before, but my parents also have something against glasses. For example, they don’t refer to my classmates by name. They’ll be like, “Oh, you mean the four eyes?” And they always told me that having glasses would make me not pretty. And that always bothered me a bit. But anyway, that’s completely irrelevant and nothing new!!! Sooooo, now for your poor computer—

Try this.
 Right click on your desktop
 SETTINGS tab-- Under SCREEN RESOLUTION, make sure it’s 1024 by 768 pixels—or whichever is the HIGHEST.
 Under COLOR QUALITY, make sure it’s NOT 256, and change it to the HIGHEST bit. That’s usually 32 BIT, if not 16 BIT is also good.
 Now, under THEMES tab, make sure you have the default one set. Or, sometimes it’s called “WINDOWS CLASSIC” or “WINDOWS STANDARD.”
 Now, under the APPEARANCE tab, make sure color scheme is “WINDOWS STANDARD.” Make sure Font Size is set to DEFAULT/normal. Make sure Windows/Buttons is set to DEFAULT, if applicable.
 Click OK. And if the comp asks you if you wish to keep these settings, click YES. Then wait, and give the comp a few minutes to settle down. It's normal if it blacks out for a while.

Tell me how that goes.

As for the space bar/flickering cursor and sluggish-ness, I'll address those later.

Just turning the monitor off would not cause any file loss, so don't worry about that. :) I was referring to simply shutting off CPU without going through the "start>>shutdown" process. THAT can lead to problems, and you can lose UNSAVED files.

Oh yeah, I just thought of something. Re the ice cream-- how about purchasing those cup-cones to eat from rather than a bowl? Then fill the cup with sliced bananas (to take up space)... and then put a scoop of ice cream on top of it?? Surely, it would be difficult and even frustrating to eat a cup-cone if it were piled up with 3-4 scoops, given they're pretty small, yah know?? Therefore, you'll limit yourself to 1-2 scoops instead. How does that sound? :D[/QUOTE]

Hiya Ms. Q!

See?? I have told you FOREVER that you are smart. I should do exactly as you say and by cones...then shove as much ice cream as I can in them. LOL Oh, wait, that's right - you said a banana, too....but a banana is all that'd fit??!! OHHHH!! I get it!! Trying to fool me, aaay??? LOL You do have excellent ideas, for sure.

Oops, sorry, thought you meant ice skating. Sorry!! Well, I did roller skate when I was a kid, but they didn't have the skates like they do now. You would probably have no idea what I'm talking about if I tried to describe the skates...but anyway, when I was 6 I fell and broke my left arm!! So, your parents do have a point. Well, as you've said before, in 2 years you'll be 18 and then you can do as you please....and get all the broken bones you want. LOL

I tried your suggestions re 'puter - just one prob:After "properties", I have a different window than you do that comes up. There is no settings tab, and the window top display says "taskbar properties", so, I can do none of the rest of what you said. However, I fiddled around and found different ways
to find SOME of these things you mentioned. But, I couldn't get them to do the things you said, e.g. - on the window where it shows both "color quality" and "screen resolution", it won't allow me to do "16", and "1024 x 768", respectively, at the same time!! If you move the thingy to the highest pixels, the color quality automatically goes to 256 and it won't stay at 16. What is up with that?? I have spent all afternoon on this and I'm just getting more upset. My hub said he'd call Compaq tomorrow to see if they can step him thru this - he recalls that he had to do this the last time it happened, but he's not exactly sure. Meanwhile I'm sitting here with a !#%^&&%$#! 'puter!! LOL One thing I DID manage to correct tho was the font size - that is back to normal so thank you so much for that!!!! I really do appreciate your help.

Has your Dad put your earnings away for you then, in savings? I HOPE that's what you meant!!!!! & not that he's he's keeping it.

No, Ms. Q., that's a fallacy that using your eyes ruins them! For whatever reason, you became nearsighted - these things just happen, and it's no ones fault, and certainly not yours!!

Re overweight Chinese, I have read about this, and you can blame the good ol' USA. As you said, Chinese in China ARE mostly all slim, or, at least they used to be. But then came McDonalds, and Burger King, and more Westernized BAD eating habits - i.e., fast food, which we Americans are famous for, unfortunately. So, of course, if Chinese here start incorporating OUR foods, well, that's when they start getting heavy. Oh, sure, I see heavy Chinese now, but my mom said that when I was a kid, before fast food got popular. Anyway, we just had some take out pizza last night - my favorite is Little Cesars, and I think you probably have them in N.Y., as they're here in NV., & were in ILL., too. (hangs head in shame, again) But it's always a veggie pizza!! LOL Mushrooms, green peppers, black olives and tomatoes. I know, I know...still HORRIBLE for me!!!

Char/pam :wave:

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