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[QUOTE=lady_grey]Thanks everyone for the welcome! It is nice to be back. Charlyssa, I hope that hypnotherapy works for you. I hope that you keep us posted on it. Yes, I have been there and it is so hard but I know that you will get through it. You have so much hope and that is the most important thing. And I promise that the cravings will get better, you will even get to a point where you crave vegetables--it is so weird! I love ice cream as well-chocolate. For me, the trick was not to keep it in the house and when I really had to have some, I made myself drive to an ice cream place to get it and got a kid cup. That way, I had to put in the effort. After years of dieting, that hardest part for me was teaching myself that just because I was changing my lifestyle, did not mean that i had to give up all of the foods that i enjoyed. I think that for so long, I would not let myself eat certain foods when on a diet so my brain would spend all of the time craving them. Now, I know that I can still have them so I don't want them as much--does that make sense?[/QUOTE]

Hi "Lady" -

See, that's one of the biggest problems I have!! The no-no foods my hubby loves, too.....and he is rail-thin!!!!!!!!!! He's also recovering from cancer and had lost 15 lbs from an already thin frame, so besides meals he has Ensure, and he likes chocolate ice cream, too...sigh...and potatoe chips ( I can take 'em or leave 'em...sweets are my downfall) and the other problem is, he could care LESS what I weigh!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! My son says, "Oh mom, you're not fat!" (WRONG!!!!!!) So, you see the "support system" I have!!!!! None!!!! Now, I do make healthy meals that always include veggies, and I eat 3 servings of fruit a day, too. I just eat too much at night, the wrong time to eat, because I have no appetite during the day. I have a very strange digestive system, is the other problem - I haven't had a gall bladder for...hmmmm 30 years now, and Drs. have said that I'm suffering the long-term effects of not having one. I have virtually no appetite during the day and if I eat ANYTHING other than carbs, it won't digest and I will be VERY nauseated. By night, my digestion has revved a bit....and by night, I'm also hungry...and I can finally eat!!!! So there's a feeling of deprivation all day, and that doesn't help. So, it's a bit of a mess. The other problem is an annihilated metabolism from decades of gaining and losing - all total, the calories I consume daily, in total, aren't too much more than a normal person would's just that 75% of the calorie intake is at night, so, that's another problem, of course. It's all very discouraging.....

But your philosophies about food are things that I have read elsewhere, too. People who have recovered from their eds think EXACTLY the way you do, so I know you're right. Just keep pounding all of this in my head, OK??? :D

Thank you again!!


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