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[QUOTE=Quencher]Finding Nemo rocks. I was hoping someone was gonna get a kick out of that. I used to have it on DVD, up until my "friend borrowed" it. I haven't seen my Nemo since. Oh well. Life goes on. [/QUOTE]
aww.. that's so sad! you should go beat the kid up. j/k j/k!! but really, what kind of friend would take someone's Nemo and not give it back? though you can't really blame him for not wanting to let go.
Ahhhh-- tasting food. Gee, when was I last time I thought of doing this? haha. I usually just gulp things down. I haven't the time to "taste" food. Just the general jist of it is all so satisfying. I have a habit of eating really really fast. If I have hard candy, for example, heck, it ain't staying in my mouth for TWO WHOLE minutes. Are you kidding?? I'm biting that thing silly! Die, candy, DIE. Anyway, haha... enough of my craziness and let me get myself back on track. [/QUOTE]
i know what you mean. funny thing is, i used to be the slowest eater on this planet... but that meant getting stuck with the dishes every night. but even then, i never really wanted to eat fast until maybe high school. when it all started going downhill...
Oh no... buffet? Oh no. I haven't been to a buffet in years. And I do not intend to go to one. Not unless I am willing to starve myself for 10 days before going. (Don't worry, that won't happen. Actually, that's what I told myself before I started bingeing. Haha. Whoops. Everyone makes mistakes, right? It's one thing to make one. It's another to make 10 times that.) Anyway, I would suggest making your own lunch... or.... filling up a plate of not-so-hot food, and then returning to your dorm to eat. Do not go back for more! Limit yourslf to one plate, only. Or at least try your best to. One's not too satisfying.. but maybe you can eat really, really slow.. and then by the time you're done, you won't have time for more![/QUOTE]
thanks for your advice. and don't starve yourself!! :nono:. anyhow, if only i could limit myself to one plate. and read above about the eating slowly thing. maybe if i tell myself i'm just doing it for fun. hmm... why don't we do that? you, me, and char. let's tell ourselves that just for this next week, we're going to try and eat as slowly as possible just for the heck of it. and at the end of each meal or snack, if we've really eaten as slowly as possible--i'm talking 22 chews per bite and a 5 second pause between to sip water--we'll give ourselves something (a dollar, a sticker, a hug). then at the end of the week, we can treat ourselves to something bigger--like a massage or a hot tub. (haha... i only wish i could get either of those). but you know what i mean, right? if we think of it as a game, it might not be as torturous.
Gee, I would try the hitting the bed thing, haha. But people are gonna start talking. I share a room with my mom, dad, and brother, and occasionally my godgrandmother too. Believe me, I have NO privacy! Nada. Rien. Nessuno. Keiner. Heck, the bedroom door doesn't even have a lock! So frankly, anyone can just barge in on me. And if I were to hit my bed... well... I'll have to reach pretty high. I sleep on an upper bunk. And hitting the side would leave marks. But hey, if it works for you, don't stop it. Help yourself![/QUOTE]
oh dear, you do have a tiny problem with the privacy. but maybe you can go outside and just yell your head off? haha.. they might think you're crazy then, too. but you could put headphones on and pretend you're listening to and singing along to some song. ;) . or just spin yourself until you're dizzy and fall down with the world spinning around you!! (hey, i should try that myself! :D )
It's good that you elaborated on my ever-lasting jigsaw puzzle comment. I like it. [/QUOTE]
Wep, I've gotta be going. My family and I are heading to Florida tomorrow. Astounding. I'm all so excited. I have no intention in going, actuallt, but I HAVE to 'cause my mommy and daddy says so. It's hot there, which means... I've gotta wear shorts? And a T-shirt? And possibly a bathing suit, as well? I shiver at the very thought. I don't wanna expose anything. I'm just gonna be miserable for five dreadful days and four dreadful nights-- walking through the kingdoms of Disney World with sheer embarassment. [/QUOTE]
you're going to DISNEY WORLD??!! i'm so jealous. i've never been. i don't know if you'll be able to read this while you're there, but just know that you are beautiful--i know we've never met, but just reading your posts tells me you're a pretty cool person, and cool people are beautiful just because. :) . i hope you find a way to have fun down there. just be happy for the weather. i'm in the northeast right now, and we were happy to be in the upper 50's.
Talk to all of you then. Meanwhile, take care.[/QUOTE]
take care of yourself, too!! :) . we'll be waiting your return!

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