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[QUOTE=krazigurl72]Hello, i juss wanted to let you know compulsive eating disorder starts as young as me..16! I haven't crossed the limit yet, but i'm getting really really really close, over the weekend, i consume like 10 times more than i'm suppose to, i eat when i'm hungry (duh), i eat when i'm bored, i eat when i'm sleepy or tired, heck, i eat when i'm FULL. But i been through this and i have lost some weight with a strong mind and a strong will, but it took effort let me tell you that. The FIRST thing to stop all this is for you to strengthen ur mind first, as cliche as that may sound, you can only begin when you have set ur mind to it. =) goodluck to us?[/QUOTE]

Hi krazigurl72!

Hey, a new face! Well, welcome to our overeaters train and thanks for hopping aboard! You are ABSOLUTELY right - one must have a strong mind, self-control, and a determination to succeed....but, it's not that easy, that's for sur. I have had a very strong mind when I start a diet, and then I lose it, figuratively and literally. We here are all struggling to attain what you seem to be making excellent progress on, so out hats are off to you!! If you've read the posts here, you know we get upset and angry at ourselves, as it's just so hard. I'm even in therapy trying to tame this beast in me. All we can do is keep trying, right. And, guess what? It can even start earlier than 16 - have heard of 12 year old who are anorexic/bulimic,sadly! Anyway, I have had all the problems you describe, so, maybe there's help me (and others!) too! Hope to hear from you again! Take care.

Char :wave:

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