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[QUOTE=Aurora]Morning all. :wave:
Although I realise where you are it may not be morning. But yes I am an English girlie. My spelling just had to give me away. I cannot concieve that we call a budgerigar a budgie and you guys call it a parakeet. So what do you call the birds that we call parakeets? Wow, confusing or what. :confused:
Ah I just looked it up. There are two strains - american parakeets and australian budgies.
No Char you didn't offend me about the stomach. You were trying to help, that would never offend me. :)
Quencher, I liked your joke post - it made me laugh. :jester: So I guess thats a few calories gone. Maybe if I laugh enough I can justify eating a rice cake or something. Lol.
None of you on here are dumb by the way. You are all fantastic people and I hate to know you have such low opinions of yourselves. So every time you go to say you are dumb, just pause a second and think of your weird english internet friend who wants you stop saying such negative things about yourself. :D
This may sound lame but when you don't eat during the day you are 5x more likely to overeat at night. Thats something to watch. If you can nourish yourself enough to not get to where you feel like you are starving it will help prevent such cravings. Hey how crazy is this - an anorexic giving an overeater advice on how to eat. Sorry guys, just trying to help.
Hope you all have good days, love H xoxoxo :bouncing:[/QUOTE]

Hi Aurora!

Ahhh, I just thought I detected a quite British way of saying things. I notice differences that are even more subtle, such as, you say you "go to hospital", or "go to University" - we always throw the "the" in there - "the hospital", etc. Word usage can vary so much, too - like "budgie"! :-) So, then, maybe that's why Fergie called the helicopter "budgie"? Can budgie also mean a bird, in general? Because we have been known to call helicopters "whirlybirds"! :-) Anyhoo, I guess you already know all the differences, which I consider quite interesting considering...why we speak English to begin with!! :D

No, you are right about about not eating enough during the day that causes overeating at night. I'm simply not hungry during the day...I'm not even hungry when I have my first meal of the day, around 2pm, but I know that NOT eating at all causes an even more sluggish metabolism. And I eat no fat then because if I did, ohhhhh I'd be so nauseous!! I am truly weird, or rather, my digestion is! And BTW, I know you're trying to help - I do believe, truly, that it is easier to help others than it is to help ourselves!! Strange!!

I do feel dumb sometimes...but you're right, I shouldn't say that, as I fear it's having an impact on others saying it, too. I just have an extremely poor self-esteem....where are those affirmations...... :rolleyes:

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!! Write when you love hearing from you!!

Char/pam :wave:

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