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[QUOTE=Charlyssa]Hi Em!!

Gosh, you're just so astute. Ummm, no, not really hungry when snacking...well, wait, there are 2 different things going on at night - for dinner, I'm RAVENOUS, and dinner is like 9-10pm. Oh, I know. But I need to explain more. See, I have a bit of a medical problem, have had it for about 14 years now, where I gradually began noticing I couldn't tolerate fat of any kind during the day. Had my gallbladder removed when I was 23, was Ok for many years, but then this problem started creeping up. I've been tested and tested and no one can find anything wrong. So, during the day, basically no appetite, so when I get up I have a glass of 1% milk - about 2pm I'm a bit hungrier, so I have cereal and fruit, and have almost every single day of my life for the past 14 years. Good cereal, tho, like Raisin Bran, Post Grape nuts, or some sort of hot cereal, and when I'm on a diet or not, I use Equal instead of sugar. Anyway, by night I'm famished, my metab has kicked in, and I can tolerate most anything...unfortunately.....Then, because i'm a night owl, late night watching TV is when I want my ice cream.. my "dessert". My day isn't "complete" without it. I've gotten thru another day, I did housework that made me hurt like h--l, I've fixed a nutritious dinner...which I ate too much of because I was soooo hungry. And we ALL know that night time eating is THE worst. And by night I'm soooo tired, not up to doing anything but pass out in my recliner, and these meds make me very tired, too. I do record most all programs to watch later so I can zip thru commercials, but knit?? Ewwwwww!! I'm not THAT old. LOL The only thing I could do is read or do art, but I'm too tired for anything by the end of the day. I know, I should go to bed, but I absolutely can't spend 8 hours in bed -causes too much pain. I used to sleep part of the night in the recliner, wake up around 4am, then go to bed. My back and neck are the reason I can't sleep in bed too long or I wake up in a LOT of pain and often with a headache. But since I've been on these meds, yikes, they knock me out and I sleep right thru til morning most of the time now. If I slept that soundly in bed????? I would be in agony the next day. So, I do have some problems which contribute to, well, at least they sure don't help my situation!!
Char/pam[/QUOTE]I can relate to that. Heck, I can relate to almost anything. Anyway, my appetite kicks in at night, as well. This morning, I didn't eat any breakfast, and I found the 'courage' to skip lunch, as well. Then, when I got home, I was starving. You figured my body would use my fat instead, but hunger, is painful, lol. Maybe it's because I haven't been hungry in SO long. But like I said before, hunger is unbearable to me. So, naturally, it was snacking time again! Argh. I kept pacing back and forth, picking up that delicious baked chicken pot pie, and kept picking it up, then placing it down, and so on so forth. Finally, I was able to let the thing go, hence I turned to something else instead!! I ate a bowl of cereal (NOT the healthy kind :D) with a glass of milk, roughly 400 calories worth of grapes, 300 calories worth of bananas, 200 calories worth of oranges, etc. I figured if I stuffed myself with the "good stuff" and I'll have no room for more food. But haha, why am I still craving?? It doesn't make any biological sense! :dizzy:

Anyway, I'm a night person myself, on non-schoolnights, I usually say up till 4am, even as late/early as 6am! I just stay online and chat with my internet pal(s). Haha. Pathetic, I need a life. I should be spending my time exercising and on the go, but nooOoOOo. :mad:

You smoke? Ohh that can't be good.
You're a caring person, right? You know, in some cases, second-hand smoke can be more hazardous than first-hand smoke? So, in other words, you're hurting yourself AND the other people around you! You're not a person who wants to hurt others, are you?

You're a smart person, I'm sure you're well aware of how many chemicals they put into tobacco right? I'm sure you've been told, as well. TAR, which by the way is what they use on the streets --as a reminder-- Imagine all that sticky black icky stuff clinging, like fat, for LIFE (literally) onto your stomach, your esophagus, your EVERYTHING. And all that carbon monoxide! Humans weren't made to breathe in smoke. That's is certainly not something we want in our bodies!
I hope you are more addicted to the habit of smoking, than you are to the nicotine.. But you said you've been smoking since you were 16, so I'm assuming the habit has kicked in by now! No Pam, you're wrong. You don't have TWO addictions. You have three! ED, the addiction to the HABIT of smoking, AND the addiction to the drug.
Now, back to the HARM cigarettes can do to you. Let's start with the throat, you can get cancer in your larynx and esophagus. Now, if you lose your larynx, you know what the doctors are gonna do to you? They, my dear friend, are gonna have to drill a stoma into your throat to breathe. Ugh. I don't think you want a hole in your throat, do you? And imagine roaches crawling in while you SLEEP, or drowning while taking a SHOWER? Can you imagine that for a second?
Now, what if they removed your esophagus? My oh my, you're gonna have to eat via a TUBE for the rest of your life. Imagine everyone on Thanskgiving dinner, enjoying luxurious low-fat turkey, and you, you're pouring icky chemical solutions into yourself, via a tube! Not being able to taste that delicious LOW-FAT turkey. Man, that's just terrible, horrible, unspeakable! And how about having to speak through a voice-box? Ehh. It's not the greatest thing ever, I can tell you. It's somewhat frightening, I might add. (I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone here, but I'm just so caught up in this. I HAVE to tell you this, if you don't already know. And if you do, I HAVE to remind you. Reson being 'cause you mean SO much to me. Everyone looks up to you! You can't let everyone you love and who loves you down! Your kids, THEIR kids, and THEIR kids, and even THEIR kids... the whole joint, your friends).
Now, as for your poor heart, your best buddy here is gonna have to be working 10x as hard just to keep you alive! I mean, a normal heart is the size of a fist, right? If you continue to smoke long enough, it can be TWICE as big! Scary. :eek: Your heart deserves better. Your body, your health, YOU.. you deserve more than that!

Furthermore, smoking can lead to heart attacks, strokes, lung diseases, and dea....

You can get cirrhosis of the liver, vertebral cancer (think of your poor back! What if you become paralyzed???), cancer of the mouth, emphysema, cancer of the kidneys, cancer of the bladder, osteoporosis, and cancer of anything else, I can go on and on and on like the Energizer Bunny! First it's irritation, then bleeding, then cancer. It's a cycle, dont you see? It's gonna hurt, mentally AND physically. You've gotta stop before it hurts you more! Have you ever considered it? If not, PLEASE do! Maybe you can start with a nicotine patch, or chewing gum if you will, or even cold turkey. But PLEASE do not continue to huff and puff into any more cigarettes! Take it slow. Try to decrease your amount of intake a little at a time. When you open a box, flush a few down the toilet, if you will. Can you do that? Please don't light it!

And last but not least, don't you want to spend that 3000 dollars a year on something ELSE other than tobacco??? Think of how many wonderful things you can purchase with that!

I'm am sooooooo sorry I had to say all that. But I HAD to. I'm sure you're already aware of this, but once again, I had to remind you. My grandmother who lives in HK died from smoking. I've only seen her for 2 months in my life and I'm already sadden by her dealth. Imagine how someone would feel if they knew you your WHOLE life, or even a couple of years??? -gasp- Your children, your husband, your pet if any? Don't forget, they have feelings too! Wow, I can get a litttttttle carried away on this subject, but I can't stress it enough. Smoking is bad. Cigarettes are NOT our friends. They are our enemies' friend's, which in turn, are our ENEMIES. They serve NO medical purpose. In fact, they only make things worse.
Like, getting rid of ANY addiction, I know it's gonna be SO hard for you. But remember, you're horsing around with your LIFE everytime you light that bud!!! So, please, please try your best. I would even go as far to say that you should forget about your weight now, and focus more on your smoking. Smoking can kill you 5x faster! Wow. Did you know that smoking is the leading cause of PREVENTABLE death in the US? It causes more death than homocides, car accidents, and muder-- COMBINDED. :eek: This habit is just murderous. This risk is just too high to take. And especially by someone like you, heck for ANYONE, really. But especially for yourself. You're more. You can do it, and you deserve it. You have fine deeds written ALL over your face. You're likely to be awarded. You can do it.

Again, I apologize for all that up there, I only hope you are not mad at me. And if you are, then that's okay because I am willing to risk that 'cause your health is SO much more important. You have helped me so much. And you've all 'enlightened' me one way or another. You rock; everyone does. And I want everyone to be happy and healthy.
I don't know a lot about things. I can't possibly understand everything. I'm dumb, remember? But smoking, this, this... I know about, so please trust me on this. If not, trust Emma, at least! If you're still not satified, go to any medical site and they will tell you the same. :)

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