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I have only just faced up to the fact that I have an eating disorder. It's strange, I've gone from one obsession to another - I used to drink and smoke a lot, I stopped both and turned to food! I'm now constantly thinking about food - earlier today I was full from dinner but continued to eat chocolate bar after chocolate bar and biscuits, until I ended up being ill. I suffer with IBS which I think I have caused by my binges.

Does anyone know if IBS is caused by food binges? I seem to have become so much worse in the past 2 months, since I stopped smoking and figure I'm eating that much more. I feel like I'm obsessed and think about starving myself all the time, about weighing food and sticking to that amount only. Then the following day I find myself hiding in the kitchen shoving chocolate into my mouth, it's disgusting.

I feel bloated, have lots of gas especially after I've overeaten which is at least once a day. I usually control myself until after my main meal in the evening and that's when I tend to just eat and eat and eat ...

I'd be really grateful to chat to others who understand. It really does frustrate me trying to work out why I am such an addicted person.

Mabes :confused:[/QUOTE]

Hi Mabes!!

Welcome!! And you've come to the right place, because everyone on this thread is affected by some sort of eating disorder. With the exception of our dear Aurora, we overeat and/or binge, so we do understand how you feel and what you are going thru.

I have IBS, too!! I've had it for 20+ years and it in NOT fun. In my case, I can definitely say that IBS isn't affected by my eating too much, but it can be affected by WHAT I eat. I'm actually more prone to attacks (the diarrhea) when I'm dieting, as then I'm eating LOTS more fruits and veggies. BUT, I have also gotten it after having a meal with too much fat, which is RARE, because I have digestive problems re fat. And I get the same gas, bloat, and even low abdominal gas pains, too, which is why i really hate to eat too much. I hate that uncomfortable feeling!!

I am not at all surprised that you have turned to food after quitting smoking and drinking. Food has now become your substitute for the other 2. I do not envy you, because I tried to quit smoking once, and did for 13 months...and gained 40 lbs. Hopefully soon you will be able to eat more sensibly once you're past the terrible cravings for cigarettes and alcohol. I mean, I look at it this way - you did kick 2 habits, so why not this one, too, you know??

Chocolate is my downfall, too!! I have the addictive personality, too - I also smoke, I used to drink, and I have an eating disorder, and chocolate is my other addiction. It has all those "feel good", endorphin-producing properties that make it almost like a drug. It actually relaxes me. Weird!!!

So please come back and visit with us. We care and we know what you are going thru!!!

Char/pam :wave:

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