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:angel: [QUOTE=MuneTeika]I have high Anxiety. And it's started to affect my body's regular system. Mostly my Stomach. It started last summer. When bam, it hit me, I was on the floor. So sick to my stomach for the entire night, and it never left. I was like that for the entire summer, living off crackers and water. I eventually forced myself to eat. But somehow I managed my way back to not eating, and forcing myself is difficult.

I'm VERY afraid I am going to vomit. And I have a really huge phobia about vomitting/vomit. So everytime I eat, my stomach gurgles, and complains, and lurches. Which in turn means I don't eat. And eventually I'm not hungry, just nauseated. Eating doesn't make it better, only worse. I've tried eat only soft things, potatoes, rice, soup. However, none of these things really work that well, and still give me harsh stomach upset.

During the summer I lost 40 pounds. And now I've lost an additonal 15. I weight 95 pounds. And I don't want to. Yet I can't seem to get myself to eat. I'm really scared.

I'm also very afraid that I'm malnutritioned. Does anybody know if Multi-Vitamins could be bad for my system in anyway?

Anything anybody has to say would really help me. I'm scared. and I want to get over this.[/QUOTE]
That is exactly what I am going through. So you are not the only one. I didnt eat all day except for a snack or two. I just managed to eat some lipton noodles. I get into these periods but I literally have to make myself eat. Which sucks because I would like to eat like normal people. Three big meals a day would be great. I have always had generalized anxiety and I am very obsessed with my health. So when most people feel nauseated they forget about, But i on the other hand, dwell on it, probably causing it. I havent lost any weight which is great. Advice for better eating tips and vitamins.... Well I like Ensure because it has got vitamins and minerals in it and one little can of it is like 300 calories. It is a great meal supplement and the taste isnt bad. As for vitamins, I can t swallow so I have to take childrens chewables, but my doc says any vitamin is better than no vitamin. Keep the liquids going. Maybe you should check out a nutritionist and a psychiatrist. Thats what I have done. I am in the process of doing therapy so I will let you know how it helps me. Have you talked to your doctor about this. I talk to mine all the time. In fact for awhile I didn't eat a single thing, but all of my body chemistry was normal. Just start with Ensure. It always makes me hungry after I drink one. Do you feel weak when you eat poor? This is something I have battled for so long so i would love to hear more from you. We can get through this together.

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