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HI you have a long name...!

First off.. You HAVE to stop using laxatives and ipecac!! That is a recipe for heart attack, stroke, kidney failure among other very unpleasant side effects. What's more...laxatives WON'T help you lose weight or get rid of the food you have already consumed. The calories in food are absorbed into your body before you have a bowel movement. Laxative abuse will only dehydrate you and lead to bowel disfunction if you continue to take them over an extended period of time. Ipecac is even more probably know this already. Trust someone who has had an eating disorder for 10 years now...get help before it gets worse. The longer this goes on the harder it is to get better. Anorexia and Bullemia are NOT the routes to obtaining the body you want OR to happiness. All it does is take over your life and make you miserable. It destroys your teeth, your body, your relationships and your ability to function normally in day to day life. Going long periods of time without eating is just setting yourself up for bingeing as well. It's a natural psychological AND physiological response. Also...when you deprive yourself of food your body tends to go into starvation mode, slows down you metabolism and hoards the calories you do obtain. This will make it even more difficult to maintain a stable weight let alone lose weight.
You need to talk to a counsellor or find an eating disorders clinic. There are plenty of free teen clinics, E.D. clinics and resource centers where you can find FREE help that is completely confidential. Try talking to your doctor, check local hospitals or look on the net. You really do need to get some help and find a support system. You may even find confiding in your friends and family takes some of the burden off your shoulders. Eating Disorders are very lonely, isolating diseases...don't cut yourself off from the people who care about you and can help you get throught this.
You have your entire future right ahead of is just the starting point of your life...please try to take charge of your eating disorder before it takes charge or you.
Good luck.

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