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Eating Disorder Recovery Board Index I'm used to having stomach problems related to not eating for long periods and then bingeing on huge amounts of food and purging afterwards (IBM and all that) ...but it seems to be much worse than usual. My stomach has been incredibly sore for the past couple of days, I'm bloated but can't release any gas and I'm not able to have a bowel movement at all. Usually my stomach will 'recover' from an 'abusive episode' by the next day. Does anyone know what's happening to me? This is kind of scaring me a little.
What should I do?
Has anyone experienced this?
Please help!
Thanks for replying guys...
It really helps to know I'm not alone in this. It's pretty scary when you know how badly your treating your body and aren't sure of what the consequences are going to be. The b/p has been pretty bad lately...exam time stress among other things...and i have noticed those 'consequences' have been getting worse. Sometimes I wonder if i'll ever be 'normal' again...and then i wonder what kind of toll all this will have on me later in life when and IF I do get better. GOD...why do we do this to ourselves?
Nikkita...thanks for the reassurance that it's not just me. explained it perfectly and you're probably right...I just wish I could get this under control. :(
Thanks again
My stomach is still in pretty bad shape...I can't even eat anything today if I wanted to. The sad thing is...when it does get better...I'll probably just put myself through it all over again.
Sorry for being so depressing...I guess I'm feeling a little hopeless at the moment.

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