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1) Water retention can happen for a number of reasons - the food that you binged on (if salty, etc), if you abuse laxatives, or just plain dehydration - the body often stores water after dehydration.

2) "Diet" is one word that should be eliminated from everybody's vocabulary, but especially from the vocab of someone with an ED, as we find it very hard to see food in terms of something delicious and nutritious, and diets just enforce our disordered view.

3) The Atkins Diet is DANGEROUS, unhealthy, and scientifically unsupported - however persuasive they may sound on their web site. Anything so restrictive or extreme can only be harmful, especially one that advises you to cut down on fresh fruit, grains, etc.

4) The best "diet" advice I ever heard was from a nutritionist at a health club I used to work for. She said: "Eat half of what's on your plate." That simple. And that way, you get a normal variety of food, all the flavor, just half the calories and fat.

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