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I'm new and ...
Apr 22, 2004
Hi everyone-
Like I said, I am new to this site. And yes my username basically sums it all up...I am shocked to have to talk to strangers about problems and shocked how things got so out of control. Well I think that I used to be anorexic but no one I knew ever took it either did I. After fighting for almost 2 years, I think I am now fine...I eat fine and I'm thinking fine, too. It's not really me that I camen here about though. It's just that three of my best friends in the whole wide world are very sick with ED's...I love them so much and I have known them, (at the longest) for almost two years. I am a sophomore in high school and only met them when I started.
The first one has been sick for four years. She started out as not eating anything for two weeks and then couldn't control herself anymore and ate but then threw up...she's really never gotten fully better. She again promises me that she is trying very hard to get better but I know that she cannot do it alone because she always makes some excuse and gets sick again. She will not get help; she's had it in the past and she's always gotten worse again.
My second friend just stopped eating every meal but dinner...then eventually not dinner either. She lost over 20 pounds in about 5 months. Then she turned bulimic. I was the first person she told about her not eating and I went with her to our school's guidance counsellor to get her help. The counsellor really didn't help much and told her that she was just eating less and that it just becomes a way of life...this broke my heart. I knew it wasn't like that at all and she was doing this deliberately. As I said, she eventually became bulimic and now goes to a psychiatrist and nutritionalist and all...but now she's going into a treatment place and all I feel is pain. I do not understand why it has to be like this or why she really wants to go so badly. She's making herself worse so that she can get into one. I just hope she really can get better this time...
My third friend is not nearly as bad as the other two. One day she basically just stopped eating. I was scared and talked to her about it. She has always been weight conscious and this seemed to be a way she could lose weight.
I just can't believe it...All I'm wondering everyone's group of friends at high school like this? I just don't understand. Some days I would do anything to just stop eating or make myself throw up...anything to help with the pain. My friends always ask me is they are bringing me down and of course I say no. I just don't know what to do anymore. Thanks for listening...

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