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Hi Beth :wave:

Welcome to the boards. And if you feel comfortable posting here then you belong :) None of us bite (that I have noticed) and we are all pretty supportive of each other. Sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with your eating/weight lately. It is horrible when you are not comfortable with your figure, it can really get you down. I eat when I am not hungry too, there are quite a few people on here that will be able to sympathise with you on that. Do you find it particularly bad if you are bored? If I am not really doing anything I just have to constantly be eating. The only way of losing weight healthily, as you know, is just to eat well and exercise. But it is so hard to cut out junk food, I have had the same problem. I usually eat fairly normal amounts of food and then purge, although occasionally it will be more. If I don't purge after eating junk food I just feel really guilty and awful. And I can't just cut out junk food. Viscious cycle huh? Have you had any counselling or anything? It might sound a strange idea as you are not purging/restricting etc, but it might be of some use. Obviously if you are eating when you are not hungry, there is no reason why you should be eating, so you just need to work out what it is that is making you eat, and a counsellor may be able to help with that. Other than that, just try to stick to the Weight Watchers, but don't blame yourself too much if you can't stick to it, losing weight it a hard thing to do.

Take care
Emily xxxxx

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